Build A Massive Result System

The problem

Maintaining results and resilience through the adversity of life can be really challenging but If you can’t fight back, life crushes you.


Building a massive productivity system that ensures you make progress even if your life is chaotic and even on the days you have 0 motivation.


Anyone can feel lazy or discouraged sometimes, but successful people prepare for crisis before they happen.
With a productivity system, you can navigate toward your goals more stably, fluently, and surely. This ensures none of your days go to trash.

4 powerful steps to build a productive system


Being productive is having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance.

1. Secrets hacks for habit building

Trigger the habit

It may be surprising, but the number one reason we miss building new habits, it’s because we don’t remember to do them! Once they are automatic, they become easier, but before reaching that point, we need to do a bit of work to anchor them in our daily fast life.
One powerful way to avoid forgetting a habit is to link it to a stable trigger. An alarm that impartially rings can be a good clue. You can also rely on a diligent person (for example a peer to go to the gym). Finally, you can link your habit to a biological or natural trigger, for example, each time you are thirsty, you do some stretching, or each time the sun goes down, you do some meditation. The key is to externalize your discipline, so you don’t miss any opportunity to reinforce a habit you are trying to build.

Get motivation for it

This part is tricky and unfortunately there is no absolute secret for it. Some people believe you can rewire your brain to take pleasure in anything, and therefore build intrinsic motivation toward a task (for example if you like exercising you have much higher chances to be diligent). How can you frame your habit in a way that enhance the pleasure you get from it? If you can’t, is there some external reward system you can construct (getting chocolate after an hour of gym) so your brain thinks it’s worth enough to boost you?

Sustain the habit

Once your habit starts to take care of itself, there is still a long-term challenge. None of us are completely safe of giving up. Here is an excellent article on how to maintain your motivation on the long term and build resiliency in your habits.

If you are interested in habits rewiring, check out our modern cure course.

2.Routine systems

Successful people don’t wake up one day and make a revolution. They first improve their day, and the day after. They don’t focus on making one big change, but rather on making daily small improvements that eventually make a huge difference.
Doing that, one day you turn back and realize how drastically your life improved.

So the point now is to repeat your dream’s capsule enough to grow. Using the power of habits, we will make this process effortless because automatic. Here is how to build super easily a new habit.

– Choose a trigger point. A trigger is what will remember and drive you to start your habit. It can be a sound (a notification), a visual (the clock), another stable habit (the breakfast or the coffee) …
– Take a notebook, a calendar or an excel and tick each time you accomplish your capsule. This will keep track of your effort and materialize your progress.

Turning habits in a routine

“Make each day your masterpiece” John Wooden
A routine is a stable set of automatic habits.
If we create our own, routines are the most exciting things a life can hope. It puts discipline in chaos and carry little habits driving to huge progressions. It reduces effort by making everything instinctive. It integrates your dreams in every day of your life insuring that no matter your speed, mood, motivation, you still give your best and secure your growth.
To designed your routine, position in your agenda all your habits. Position them were you’ll be productive with low chances of being disturbed or forced to postpone. Don’t forget to include the triggers of your habits.
At the beginning your routine may needs some testing and adaptation to fit you, so don’t be too harsh with yourself. The most important is that you feel after some time that you eased the process of working on your dreams.

3. Routine systems for chaos

Everyone is super busy. I am, you are, we are.
Let’s try to make space for your dreams. Here is a dream’s capsule. A short period of time designed to fit your busy agenda and ensure maximum progress toward your dreams.
During this capsule, you’ll be able to work on the goals you wrote in your progression column. More you take capsules, quicker you move forward.
So how to create a capsule? Well take again your tab and determinate 3 things:
– When are you the most productive (mind efficient, less chances to be bothered)?
– How long can you work on it (while staying 100% efficient, not tired, nervous)?
– What do you need to work on your goals? (materials, place to work in peace…)


Test your habit in 4-mins

Wasting Life?


Test your habit in 4-mins