The Best Brother quotes

Some of the best advice and wisdom often comes from our families. Usually, this advice is given with love and the intent to help us live a good life. We all have brothers (or sisters), and they are some of the most important people in our lives. Here are some great quotes from brothers that will encourage and motivate you in your entrepreneurial journey.

1. I think we’re all brothers–that’s the truth. But the press gave us the name black Muslims to cut us off from the others. — Muhammad Ali
2. No more war! Never again war! If you wish to be brothers, drop your weapons. — Pope Paul VI
3. Some folks say that you can’t get rid of a problem until you shuck it. So, brother, let’s start shucking. — Richard Puz, Bride by Mail
4. God is present in everything. In the universe in creation, in me and all that happens to me, in my brothers and sisters, in the church–everywhere. — Thea Bowman
5. It’s not like a boss and artist relationship; it’s like a big brother to a younger brother relationship, and he’s a great guy. So big shout–out to Akon and the Konvict Muzik crowd. — WizKid
6. I want to write something so simple, so short and so silly… and I want it to be for my brother. — Maurice Sendak
7. When I came into the WWF, the first thing I really didn’t want to have was being Bret Hart’s little brother. — Owen Hart
8. And Percy was shaking his brother, and Ron was kneeling beside them, and Fred’s eyes stared without seeing, the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face. — J. K. Rowling
9. First ship them dope, let them deal to brothers, give them guns, step back and watch them kill each other. — Tupac Shakur
10. I no longer want to see others as humans. I want to learn to see others as brothers, sisters, mothers, & fathers. — Rabbi Shaul David Judelman
11. Einstein pronounced the doom of continuous or ‘rational’ space, and the way was made clear for Picasso and the Marx Brothers and Mad magazine. — Marshall Mcluhan
12. He may be my half brother, but we’re not related. A chasm of incommunicable worlds lies between us. — Rabih Alameddine, An Unnecessary Woman
13. We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers. — Martin Luther King
14. The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country. — Robert Baden–Powell
15. I believe in the brotherhood of mankind. — Nurudeen Ushawu
16. Henry nodded, thinking, ‘If you were any more whipped, little brother, they’d serve you on ice cream. — Nicholas Sparks
17. President Johnson did not want the Vietnam War to broaden. He wanted the North Vietnamese to leave their brothers in the South alone. — William Westmoreland
18. I feel very German–and who can make himself a judge over what is German and what is not–in my ideas and the ideas of my spiritual brothers of German origin. — Walter Gropius
19. [w]orship, if not the child, is at leastthe brother, of fear. — Will Durant
20. Jonas Brothers fans are a force to be reckoned with. — Nick Jonas
21. The most important thing in my father’s life? World peace. Me and my brother. My mom. — Sean Lennon
22. Drake is an amazing person. Also, a magician. He’s a big brother, super–talent; he’s cool. — Travis Scott
23. Step Brothers’ was like a reward for going through my whole career and somehow surviving. — Mary Steenburgen
24. Between human beings there are only two alternatives, either brotherhood or crime. — Saul Bellow
25. Fathers, sons, brothers, men everywhere: Your legacy will not perish if you take your partner’s surname, or she keeps hers. — Zoe Saldana
26. ‘the only rules he wanted to remember were ”never kiss a girl whose brothers have knife scars” and ”never gamble without knowning a back way out’ — Robert Jordan
27. I come from a family where soccer has always been very present. My uncles, my father and my brother were all players. — Ronaldinho
28. ‘mother Dear, one day I’m going to turn this world upside down.”––From My Brother Martin, by Christine King Farris’ — Martin Luther King Jr.
29. The world in which we live is geographically one. The challenge that we face today is to make it one in terms of brotherhood. — Martin Luther King
30. I’ve got a really great family round me, two sisters and an older brother and my mum and dad. Everybody’s equal. — Nicholas Hoult
31. We are perverse creatures and never satisfied. — Nan Fairbrother
32. Either men will learn to live like brothers, or they will die like beasts. — Max Lerner
33. My older brother Mike is an excellent trumpet player. By the time he was 12, he was playing around Kansas City in classical situations. He was already an amazing talent. — Pat Metheny
34. We are our brothers keeper. Its going to be up to all of us. — Paula Deen
35. Sisters and brothers just happen, we don’t get to choose them, but they become one of our most cherish relationships. — Wes Adamson
36. President Johnson did not want the Vietnam War to broaden. He wanted the North Vietnamese to leave their brothers in the South alone. — William Westmoreland
37. It’s great working with my sister, because we are very close as a family–my brother, my sister and myself. We have a great relationship. — Penelope Cruz
38. We are perverse creatures and never satisfied. — Nan Fairbrother
39. If anyone does not wish to have Mary Immaculate for his Mother, he will not have Christ for his Brother. — Maximilian Kolbe
40. I’d always said never say never, because I knew that Warner Brothers wanted to do something with ‘Fantastic Beasts, ‘ and I did have kind of a yen to do that. — J. K. Rowling
41. He’s a great son and a great brother, but one of the things that makes me proudest is that rory is a feminist. — Melinda Gates
42. My brother and I are not rivals. We are shipmates and best friends and the greatest songwriting partnership in the world. — Pete Doherty
43. At the end of the day, we’re all brothers and sisters in God. What people do is none of my business. — Tyson Fury
44. The oppressed must never allow the conscience of the oppressor to slumber. Religion reminds every man that he is his brother’s keeper. — Martin Luther King
45. Many large corporations are actually modeled on hell, ‘ Brother Frank added. ‘The policies and organization are almost idential. Hell, of course, is much worse. — Maureen Johnson, Devilish
46. Saying he is in Afghanistan in a spirit of brotherhood, we have also vowed that we will not allow each other’s countries, ever, to be used against interests of ours. — Pervez Musharraf
47. They were all becoming brothers, in the manner he had seen before: facing death together was the greatest of levelers. — Tad Williams, Shadowheart
48. As a kid, I wore a lot of my older brothers’ hand–me–downs. — Ralph Lauren
49. He had a real mother, and a stepfather named Bart who Martin called Fart but only with his brothers and James — Marthe Jocelyn, Folly
50. During times of disaster sorrow brings people together in a spirit of friendship, and influences man to recognize the blessings of becoming his brother’s keeper. — Napoleon Hill


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