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When people think of teenage entrepreneurs, Billie Eilish is not the first name that comes to mind. She’s not a CEO or the founder of a multimillion-dollar company. But at just sixteen years old, she’s already built an impressive rรฉsumรฉ as an artist and businesswoman. With millions of fans around the world, she’s proved that you don’t have to be an adult to achieve success in the music industry. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at her best quotes and learn some lessons from her journey so far.

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About Billie Eilish

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December 18, 2001

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Singer, Songwriter

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Pop, Electropop, Teen Pop, Indie Pop

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Darkroom, Interscope

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If it’s good music, it’s good music. โ€” Billie Eilish

If I make music and people hate it, you know, whatever. I’ll die someday, and one day, they will too. โ€” Billie Eilish

I find a lot of inspiration through visuals. When I was 12, I saw Aurora’s ‘Runaway’ music video. Something inside me clicked, like, ‘That is what I want to do, no matter whether it goes anywhere or not.’ โ€” Billie Eilish

My whole life, I’ve sung and listened to music, and since the beginning, I’ve had iTunes and used Apple Music for streaming. โ€” Billie Eilish

if it s good music it s good music Billie Eilish quote

I don’t know how to function without music. When I’m not making it, I’m listening to it. It gives me courage and takes care of my mind. โ€” Billie Eilish

I hate the idea of genres. โ€” Billie Eilish


There are alway going to be bad things. But you can write it down and make a song out of it. โ€” Billie Eilish

If you write in the same way over and over again, like, in the same place with the same techniques and with the same people, you’re sort of writing the same song over and over again. โ€” Billie Eilish

I used to write random little stupid things when I was five, but then the first song I really wrote was one called ‘Fingers Crossed,’ which is on SoundCloud. โ€” Billie Eilish

when i was four i wrote a song about falling into a black hole Billie Eilish quote

My brother had written ‘Ocean Eyes,’ and we recorded it, basing all of the production around contemporary and lyrical dance. I think of most songs that wayโ€“if you can’t dance to a song, it’s not a song. โ€” Billie Eilish

When I was four, I wrote a song about falling into a black hole. โ€” Billie Eilish


I’m not going to say I’m cool, because I don’t really feel that. I just don’t care at all, and I guess that’s what people think is cool. โ€” Billie Eilish

I feel like I write so that people can think of it as theirs. If my song is exactly about your life right now, then it isโ€“I don’t even want to say that it’s mine, because it’s yours. โ€” Billie Eilish

This song is very, very up for interpretation, i’m very curious to see what people get from it and also what they feel when they hear it. i don’t know. but yeah, it’s a little mean. i love it. โ€” Billie Eilish

i like to be in control of how i look and how i feel and how i act Billie Eilish quote

I like to be in control of how I look and how I feel and how I act. โ€” Billie Eilish

I don’t see myself as a pop artist. Like, when you hear ‘pop,’ you’re like, ‘Oh, bubblegum, jumpy little girly stuff,’ and I feel like, ‘Uhโ€“uh. That’s not me.’ โ€” Billie Eilish

It feels crazy to be a part of this in every way, james bond is the coolest film franchise ever to exist. i’m still in shock. โ€” Billie Eilish

My thing is that i can do whatever i want, it’s all about what makes you feel good. โ€” Billie Eilish

If I’m in a bad mood, or if I’m uncomfortable, it’s probably what I’m wearing that’s making me feel that way. โ€” Billie Eilish

my thing is that i can do whatever i want it s all about what makes you feel good Billie Eilish quote

I hate smiling. It makes me feel weak and powerless and small. I’ve always been like that; I don’t smile in any pictures. โ€” Billie Eilish

Smiling makes me feel weak and not in control and not powerful and small. โ€” Billie Eilish

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Inspiring Phrases From Billie Eilish

Can i just say that i think ariana grande deserves this ? โ€” Billie Eilish

It’s really fun to put yourself into a characterโ€“into shoes you wouldn’t normally be in. โ€” Billie Eilish

Nothing really scares me, to be honest. โ€” Billie Eilish

can i just say that i think ariana grande deserves this Billie Eilish quote

You can write a song about being in love with someone, but you don’t have to be in love with anyone. โ€” Billie Eilish

I’m gonna make what I want to make, and other people are gonna like what they’re gonna like. It doesn’t really matter. โ€” Billie Eilish

I always want to create and do things, or draw. โ€” Billie Eilish

I’ve always liked being busy. If I have nothing to do for a week, it just makes me mad. โ€” Billie Eilish

Various Statements From Billie Eilish

I’ve always done whatever I want and always been exactly who I am. โ€” Billie Eilish

i ve always done whatever i want and always been exactly who i am Billie Eilish quote

I listen to music all day every day. I can’t not listen to music. It’s kind of scary how much I listen to music, but it’s what I love, and it’s all I care about, so I’m good with it. โ€” Billie Eilish

I love people talking about me; I love anybody just looking at me. โ€” Billie Eilish

All of the Vines that were acted & setup & had nice cameras, those weren’t the good Vines. The good Vines were, like, a random little kid in the middle of a forest, like, yelling. โ€” Billie Eilish

People are terrified of me, and I want them to be. โ€” Billie Eilish

People think you have to go through something to write about it, and you absolutely do not. You can write about, like, a shoe. It’s a story. โ€” Billie Eilish

i love people talking about me i love anybody just looking at me Billie Eilish quote

I love to watch videos, and I’ve always liked to film and take pictures. I have an eye for really weird things that nobody thinks about. I used to make little movies about myself and then edit them on iMovie. โ€” Billie Eilish

BILLIE EILISH Quotes Take Away

Billie Eilish is an artist who doesnโ€™t shy away from her emotions. She lets them out in her music and it has resonated with people all over the world. The quotes weโ€™ve included are a testament to that. Theyโ€™re powerful, honest, and inspiring. If you want to learn more about how to be brave and open like Billie, check our courses page for information on upcoming webinars and classes. We can help you find your voice and share it with the world.

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