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If you haven’t heard of the iconic designer Betsey Johnson, then where have you been? She is one of the most famous fashion designers in history. Her style was bright and bold, yet feminine at the same time. She had a signature style that could be recognized from miles away. This blog post will explore her life and career as well as why she’s so important to women today.
Betsey Johnson was born on August 10th 1942 in Scranton Pennsylvania. In 1962, she graduated with honors from Syracuse University’s Fine Arts program with a BFA degree in Fashion Designing and Merchandising.
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About Betsey Johnson

birth of the author

1942 Wethersfield, Connecticut, U.S.

occupation of the author

Fashion Designer

Inspiring Phrases From Betsey Johnson

In the 60’s there was a look. In the 70’s there was a look, and in the 80’s. Now, it’s a free–for–all. — Betsey Johnson

My prom dress was very sweet, very puffy, but I also wore little stiletto, pointed–toe heels, nylon hosiery, the whole nine yards. — Betsey Johnson

It’s just been so heartwarming to see my clothes on people in wheelchairs and people needing physical support. — Betsey Johnson

Always have fun with fashion. Dress to entertain yourself. — Betsey Johnson

always have fun with fashion dress to entertain yourself Betsey Johnson quote

Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times. — Betsey Johnson

In the 1960s]…you could take LSD but you couldn’t wear a pantsuit. — Betsey Johnson

You have to hold onto your fantasy. — Betsey Johnson

Various Statements From Betsey Johnson

A good use for me is to let me go away with my sewing machine and come back with some really new stuff. — Betsey Johnson

I was a cheerleader for nine years! — Betsey Johnson

i was a cheerleader for nine years Betsey Johnson quote

My makeup hasn’t really changed since the 1960s! — Betsey Johnson

I don’t like to have time on my wall; it’s too–in–your–face. — Betsey Johnson

My favorite era was the ’60s because it was filled with incredible creative newness, from panty hose to landing on the moon to Twiggy and Andy Warhol–I loved them, and they loved to wear my silver clothes. — Betsey Johnson

There is an excitement about having nightmares. — Betsey Johnson

As long as I look good, I’m very happy–and as long as I look consistently me. — Betsey Johnson

my makeup hasn t really changed since the 1960s Betsey Johnson quote

More Phrases From Betsey Johnson

If a girl comes to me first for a prom or a bar mitzvah and she likes the way she looks and her boyfriend likes the way she looks, she’ll come back. — Betsey Johnson

I love New York. You want to find out if you’re any good? Try New York. Who sang that? Frank Sinatra? If you make it here, you can make it anywhere. — Betsey Johnson

My customer isn’t wrapped up in labels and money. — Betsey Johnson

I remember in 2004, I had three gorgeous transgender models on the runway. That was my strength, in a way. That I did what I thought was gonna work, and I never paid attention to the industry’s rules. — Betsey Johnson

In the ’60s, I’d wear three pairs of eyelashes. Now they make them that thick, but back then they didn’t, so you had to kind of build your own. — Betsey Johnson

my customer isn t wrapped up in labels and money Betsey Johnson quote

I just did what I loved–flowers and rock n’ roll. Pretty and punk. I was largely inspired by my dancing school classes and costumes. — Betsey Johnson

Girls don’t dress for boys. — Betsey Johnson

Deeper Quotes From Betsey Johnson

I just get makeup from wherever I can. From Maybelline to Chanel–you know, all over the place. — Betsey Johnson

If I hadn’t decided to be a fashion designer, I would have loved to be a Broadway showgirl or a Rockette! — Betsey Johnson

I was always dancing and acrobatics was my specialty. — Betsey Johnson

i was always dancing and acrobatics was my specialty Betsey Johnson quote

I realized that my strength was being different. — Betsey Johnson

Oh, I love the kids more than any other age group. I hate to say that, but new life is with new kids, you know? They’re the future. The sheer fact that they’re young and eager, that’s what makes them rule. — Betsey Johnson

Redundant Thematics

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Keep your sunny side up, keep yourself beautiful, and indulge yourself! — Betsey Johnson

My favorite song will always be ‘Layla’ by Derek and the Dominos, because my granddaughter was named after it. — Betsey Johnson

Amazing Thoughts From Betsey Johnson

I never wanted to join fashion industry or being another Donna or another Dianne. I made clothes that I wanted to wear. I would cut, I would sew and I would wear, and it made me to feel better. — Betsey Johnson

i never keep anything beautiful in the closet Betsey Johnson quote

I never keep anything beautiful in the closet. — Betsey Johnson

With over 3 million women battling breast cancer today, everywhere you turn there is a mother, daughter, sister, or friend who has been affected by breast cancer. — Betsey Johnson

I can’t wear a little makeup. I have to wear a lot of makeup or no makeup. — Betsey Johnson

It is a special, weird thing being a cheerleader. You need to want to yell and perform, dance, and wear a cute little costume. It’s a thing you’re kind of born with or without. — Betsey Johnson

I’ve always been very into interior design, and I can’t stand to have anything in my apartment that I don’t aesthetically love. — Betsey Johnson

Love is a disease of the heartin the end, there is no treatment curable and it might just kill you. — Betsey Johnson

Some Interesting Quotes From Betsey Johnson

At any appearance, I make sure that before the person takes a pic and runs away, that I make contact. All I can do is give that little bit of me, the kickback is miraculous. — Betsey Johnson

I’ve always been a little off, but it’s worked really well for me, and it still works. After so many years, you have a look, you become a brand, la la la. — Betsey Johnson

I never wanted to be on a pedestal. — Betsey Johnson

I would’ve been a really good costume designer because, basically, my clothes were like costumes, and I wanted to be a dancer, so there’s all of that tulle and color. — Betsey Johnson

i never wanted to be on a pedestal Betsey Johnson quote

If it hadn’t been for the rise of the working woman’s wardrobe, I never would have found the time to sneak a kid in. — Betsey Johnson

I’m not the type of person who dwells too much on bad things. — Betsey Johnson

Hard times always lead to something great. — Betsey Johnson

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