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If you are looking for an inspiring, empowering story about a woman who has made it her life’s mission to empower women in the world and help them see their worth – then Beth Moore is your girl. Her quotes compilation will show you how she overcame personal struggles with depression, sexuality, gender identity, and more to become one of the most influential Christian leaders today.
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About Beth Moore

birth of the author

June 16, 1957

education of the author

B.A. Southwest Texas State University

occupation of the author

Evangelist, Author, Bible Teacher

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Founder, Living Proof Ministries


God is not harsh; He is holy. He is not selfish; He is sovereign. He is not unfeeling; He is allโ€“knowing. Like David, we need to come to know Him, and respect Him; and, like David, we will love Him more. โ€” Beth Moore

We live by faith. We love by faith. โ€” Beth Moore

Trying to obey and serve God before we’ve come to love Him can be exhausting. โ€” Beth Moore

God’s idea of guarding his heart is to guard himself against diminishing love. He guards his love. Now if that doesn’t become revolutionary I am not saying it right. โ€” Beth Moore

we live by faith we love by faith Beth Moore quote

What a beautiful name. I love to watch how it falls off the lips of those who love Him. I shudder as it falls off the lips of those who don’t. Jesus. โ€” Beth Moore

One of our greatest challenges as Christians is to be driven by the love of Christ rather than constantly seeking after God’s comfort. โ€” Beth Moore

People need to know there is life after salvation! Salvation is not only about eternity. Salvation is the open door to an abundant earthly life in which we enjoy the love and direction of an active God! โ€” Beth Moore

I didn’t have a fireworks moment for my salvation. I had a falling in love with Jesus in Sunday school when I was a very young child. โ€” Beth Moore

Life works most perfectly when a reciprocal love relationship is in place between man and God. โ€” Beth Moore

trying to obey and serve god before we ve come to love him can be exhausting Beth Moore quote

A head full of biblical knowledge without a heart passionately in love with Christ is terribly dangerousโ€“a stronghold waiting to happen. The head is full, but the heart and soul are still unsatisfied. โ€” Beth Moore

I’ve learned that anyone capable of adoring you is equally capable of abhorring you. โ€” Beth Moore


Faith is the only thing that will ever close the gap between our theology and our reality. โ€” Beth Moore

Authentic faith cannot help but act. โ€” Beth Moore


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Our victory rests not on faith in our spirituality. Our victory rests on faith in our God. โ€” Beth Moore

faith is the only thing that will ever close the gap between our theology and our reality Beth Moore quote

Faith is not believing in my own unshakable belief. Faith is believing an unshakable God when everything in me trembles and quakes. โ€” Beth Moore

It is not about never doubting, it is about coming out on the other side with twice the faith you had going into your doubt. โ€” Beth Moore

Faith receives more than it asks. DOUBT loses more than it disbelieved. โ€” Beth Moore

I say this as a big sister in the faith hoping someone might learn an easier way. Arrogance does not bode well. It attracts the rod of God. โ€” Beth Moore

True prayer, not just mindless, halfhearted petitions, is what digs the well God wants to fill with faith. โ€” Beth Moore

authentic faith cannot help but act Beth Moore quote

Live by faith. Live out loud. And never stop believing Godโ€“day by day. โ€” Beth Moore

When Eve dropped her shield of faith, every other piece of her spiritual armor became vulnerable. โ€” Beth Moore

More than any other faith challenge I face, believing that I am who God says I am necessitates choosing what God says over what I feel. โ€” Beth Moore


Insecurity is at the heart of every rivalry. โ€” Beth Moore

Courage comes from a heart that is CONVINCED it is loved. โ€” Beth Moore

insecurity is at the heart of every rivalry Beth Moore quote

We must settle in our hearts that no matter what, God is sovereign. โ€” Beth Moore

Good humor and laughter are far too wonderful not to come straight from the heart of God. โ€” Beth Moore

Intimacy with God is that I can come in with the honesty of my heart, tell Him how much I’m hurting. โ€” Beth Moore

God is the only one who truly gets it because He knows the intimate ways of our minds and hearts. โ€” Beth Moore

Sometimes, God may prioritize performing a miracle on our hearts and minds over a miracle concerning our circumstances. โ€” Beth Moore

courage comes from a heart that is convinced it is loved Beth Moore quote

When we detach the Word of God from the heart of God, we miss the point of God. โ€” Beth Moore

We must be careful to avoid spiritual elitism. Everything we are and anything we possess as believers in Christ is a gift of grace. Pure hearts before God must be cleansed from any hint of spiritual pride. โ€” Beth Moore

A bruised heart that chooses to beat with a passion for God amid pulsing pain and confusion may just be the most expensive offering placed on the divine altar. โ€” Beth Moore

A crushing hurt comes to our heart and the sympathizing, scarred hand of Christ presses the wound; and just for a moment,the pain seems to intensify,…bu t finally the bleeding stops. โ€” Beth Moore

Whether we get to avoid pain and suffering or we must persevere in the midst of it, our deliverance comes when we’re dragged from the enemy of our souls to the heart of God. โ€” Beth Moore

we must settle in our hearts that no matter what god is sovereign Beth Moore quote


We might not be able to change our circumstances, but we CAN change our attitude. โ€” Beth Moore

God desires to change us from the inside out. Renewing our minds, starving our selfโ€“destructive tendencies, and teaching us to form new habits. โ€” Beth Moore

I want God’s Word to get into our bone marrow and change the way we walk…change what we do…change how we think. โ€” Beth Moore

God is thoroughly committed to finishing the masterpiece He started in us. And that process means one major thing: change. โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข What โ€” Beth Moore

What i want to say to my own family of southern baptists: our family is sick. we need help, we have this builtโ€“in disesteem for women and its got to change. โ€” Beth Moore

we might not be able to change our circumstances but we can change our attitude Beth Moore quote

God uses change to change us. He doesn’t use it to destroy us or to distract us, but to coax us to the next level of character, experience, compassion and destiny! โ€” Beth Moore

Being yielded to God’s authority keeps us pliable and openโ€“minded to a possible change of plans. โ€” Beth Moore

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, but frankly we won’t if we’re too afraid to try. โ€” Beth Moore

When God’s Word is deliberately internalized, it will be authentically externalized because it’s no longer what we doโ€“it’s part of who we are. โ€” Beth Moore

True intimacy with God always brings humility. โ€” Beth Moore

true intimacy with god always brings humility Beth Moore quote

Anyone with the maturity to surrender entirely to God is mature enough for God to use. โ€” Beth Moore

You and I need to obey God. When we do, the consequences of our obedience become God’s problem and not ours. โ€” Beth Moore


Time doesn’t heal anything… only God can heal โ€” Beth Moore

He is not only a God of perfect time, but of perfect timing. โ€” Beth Moore

Redundant Thematics

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The next time you feel rejection’s sting, remember God’s words to Samuel: ‘It is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me.’ (1 Sam. 8:7) โ€” Beth Moore

time doesn t heal anything only god can heal Beth Moore quote

If we wait for the needy to walk through our church doors, we may wait a long time. God doesn’t wait for people to come to Him. He goes to them. โ€” Beth Moore

We know we’re coming full circle with God when we stand at a very similar crossroad where we made such a mess of life before, but this time we take a different road. โ€” Beth Moore

Be careful not to give too much credence to the old adage that time heals. Mark my word. It’s God that heals. Time only tells. โ€” Beth Moore

As an 18โ€“yearโ€“old, I really sensed the call of God. What was interesting about that time was, I come from a very conservative part of the body of Christ, so there was really nothing for a woman to do. โ€” Beth Moore


When we think we’re at the mercy of our circumstances and past, we discount the power that is ours through the Holy Spirit. โ€” Beth Moore

when the spirit of god moves within us we must move with him or be miserable Beth Moore quote

We can be saved, the Holy Spirit can dwell in us, and yet we can continually live in defeat because the enemy can outwit us if we do not depend on the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. โ€” Beth Moore

Remember, any day not surrendered to the Spirit of God will likely be lived in the flesh (Gal. 5:16โ€“17). โ€” Beth Moore

A person full of the Holy Spirit cannot be full of self. Pride never accompanies power in the fully yielded life. โ€” Beth Moore

A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spiritโ€“filled life God planned for him or her. โ€” Beth Moore

God desires that we become spiritually healthy enough through faith to have a conscience that rightly interprets the work of the Holy Spirit. โ€” Beth Moore

When the Spirit of God moves within us, we must move with Him or be miserable. โ€” Beth Moore

Christ sets us free by the power of His Spirit; then He maintains our freedom as we learn to live from day to day in the power of that Spirit. โ€” Beth Moore

We have a very real God with a very real presence. โ€” Beth Moore


Every single thing you’ve been through in your life has had a purpose. โ€” Beth Moore

All that will matter forever and ever in our heavenly state is the glory that came to God through our lives. โ€” Beth Moore

every single thing you ve been through in your life has had a purpose Beth Moore quote

When we set apart our lives unto Him, He will do wonders with us the likes of which we cannot imagine. โ€” Beth Moore

The enemy’s plan is to take away God’s glory. God’s plan is to have as much glory shown through your life. โ€” Beth Moore

There is not a single darkness if you life that God cannot bring His light upon. โ€” Beth Moore

Think how our lives might be different if we became people with whom Christ could share the deep things of God. โ€” Beth Moore

Much guilt arises in the life of the believer from practicing the chameleon life of environmental adaptation. โ€” Beth Moore

there is not a single darkness if you life that god cannot bring his light upon Beth Moore quote

He (God) is determined to pursue you because He knows the greatest joy in your life will come from His lan for you. โ€” Beth Moore

I don’t know a single person who truly seems to bear the mark of God’s presence and power in his or her life who hasn’t been asked by God to be obedient in a way that was dramatically painful. โ€” Beth Moore

God’s good. He can just pull a life out of a pit, can’t He? โ€” Beth Moore

I think that what women need to hear is that there is life after failure. โ€” Beth Moore

Sometimes a storm in your life is what will blow you to the place you are longing to be. โ€” Beth Moore

god s good he can just pull a life out of a pit can t he Beth Moore quote

The giant step in the walk of faith is the one we take when we decide God no longer is a part of our lives. He IS our life. โ€” Beth Moore

Nothing on earth compares to the strength God is willing to interject into lives caught in the act of believing. โ€” Beth Moore

If we only understood that when we devote our lives to the glory of God, our existence on planet earth will leave marksโ€“โ€“โ€“eternal marks. โ€” Beth Moore

Trust God for your current life circumstances and believe that He has called you this day to be courageous. โ€” Beth Moore

One of the most critical reasons believers experience defeat is because we categorize only a few areas of our lives as Christ’s arena. โ€” Beth Moore

A pair of hands clasped in earnest prayer is the best means we have this side of heaven to hang onto Jesus for dear life. โ€” Beth Moore

Whether we like it or not, life has a lot of drama and pain. But God is writing a great story. Are we going to let Him? Are we going to trust Him? โ€” Beth Moore

Blessing is bowing down to receive the expressions of divine favor that in the inner recesses of the human heart and mind make life worth the bother. โ€” Beth Moore

God made our souls to long for Him, and we are not fully satisfied without His presence in our lives. โ€” Beth Moore

You cannot amputate your history from your destiny, because that is redemption. โ€” Beth Moore


God longs for us to freely pour out every single emotion, no matter how toxic, right before Him. โ€” Beth Moore

God has promised to every single one of us that even in our hardest times, if we would just hang on long enough, the blessing will come. โ€” Beth Moore

My very addictive personality and all sorts of strongholds are a thing of the past for me. Yet at the root of every single one of those issues was insecurity, something I had battled since childhood. โ€” Beth Moore

I want women to love Jesus! That is what I would give every single thing I have for, every earthly good I’ve got. That is the greatest desire of my heart. โ€” Beth Moore

There is not a single soul that jealousy looks good on. Nobody! It looks ugly on everybody and it makes us act uglyโ€“it makes us act out of character. โ€” Beth Moore

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