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Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch humanitarian and author who, along with her father and sister, helped save many Jews from the Holocaust. Despite enduring great personal tragedy and adversity, Ten Boom remained committed to helping others and sharing her best quotes in the hope of inspiring others to do the same. Her story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere, showing that even when times are tough, it is possible to achieve great things. Her life’s work provides a powerful reminder that no obstacle is too big to overcome if you have enough determination and courage.

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Clearly, that has got to change. — Bernie Sanders

Change will not take place without political participation. — Bernie Sanders

We are doing very badly among older people and i want to change that, We will change that. — Bernie Sanders

The United States must lead the world in reversing climate change. We can do that. — Bernie Sanders

clearly that has got to change Bernie Sanders quote

Young people in this country know exactly what they’re doing. They know we need big change, not just small steps. — Bernie Sanders

I thInk you’re goIng to see those numbers change. — Bernie Sanders

Regime change is easy … but you have to think about what happens the day after. — Bernie Sanders

Our most important task is to revitalize American democracy. When we do that we change America. — Bernie Sanders

Real change never occurs from the top on down, [but] always from the bottom on up. — Bernie Sanders

change will not take place without political participation Bernie Sanders quote

The problems we face did not come down from the heavens. They are made, they are made by bad human decisions, and good human decisions can change them. — Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump believes that climate change is a hoax. Now, this is not just a stupid expression, but it is incredibly dangerous. — Bernie Sanders

I have no reason not to belIeve lucy, and I thInk what thIs speaks to Is the need to fundamentally change the culture of thIs country. — Bernie Sanders

People in American jails are disproportionately people of color. That’s the reality in America today. That’s a reality that has to change. — Bernie Sanders

The only way change happens is when people become more significantly involved in the political process. — Bernie Sanders

the united states must lead the world in reversing climate change we can do that Bernie Sanders quote

Tired of status quo politics and wanted real change in the world in which they were living. — Bernie Sanders

We need to change the power structure in America, we need to end the political oligarchy. — Bernie Sanders


Hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with Hillary clinton tonight. — Bernie Sanders

As a United States senator, I’ve got to do everything that I can to make sure that Trump does not become president. — Bernie Sanders

There are a lot of smart honest, progressive people who I think can be good presidents. — Bernie Sanders

there are a lot of smart honest progressive people who i think can be good presidents Bernie Sanders quote

Certainly the president is wishing no ill will, Certainly not violence towards anyone. — Bernie Sanders

I know not everybody agrees wIth everythIng I say, but I thInk what we can agree about Is that we cannot contInue havIng a presIdent who Is a pathologIcal lIar. — Bernie Sanders

I would not ask anyone to vote for me based on my last name. I am certainly not campaigning to be president because my last name is Clinton. — Bernie Sanders

Together we will defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. — Bernie Sanders

You are looking at the non–billionaire major candidate for president who does not have a super pac, i don’t have a super pac. — Bernie Sanders

certainly the president is wishing no ill will certainly not violence towards anyone Bernie Sanders quote

Any objective observer will conclude that–based on her ideas and her leadership–Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States. — Bernie Sanders

I stand wIth the presIdent on gun Issues. — Bernie Sanders

I wIll not become presIdent untIl january, and the economIc sItuatIon wIll be dIfferent then. — Bernie Sanders

In 2001, Republicans used reconciliation to pass President Bush’s $1.35 trillion tax cut that mainly benefited the wealthy. — Bernie Sanders

We have been dealing in the last seven years with an unprecedented level of obstructionism against president obama. — Bernie Sanders

I don’t want a summary of robert mueller report, I want the whole damn report because nobody, especIally thIs presIdent, Is above the law. — Bernie Sanders

I have a d–mInus votIng record from the nra, I support what presIdent obama Is doIng In terms of tryIng to close the gun show loopholes. — Bernie Sanders

I thInk It’s a good thIng that the presIdent Is callIng her out for those comments and the bIg questIon Is why aren’t the democrats doIng It. — Bernie Sanders


The american people are saying loudly and clearly enough is enough. — Bernie Sanders

That is precisely the problem with american politics. — Bernie Sanders

the american people are saying loudly and clearly enough is enough Bernie Sanders quote

For many, the American Dream has become a nightmare. — Bernie Sanders

We did really, really badly with older African–American voters. I mean we got decimated. — Bernie Sanders

Who denies that african–american youth unemployment, real, is over 50%. — Bernie Sanders

The American people in my view will never support a candidate whose major theme is bigotry. — Bernie Sanders

Americans don’t need crumbs, they need the whole loaf. — Bernie Sanders

that is precisely the problem with american politics Bernie Sanders quote

We have more people in jail than any other country in Earth, disproportionately Latino and African–American. — Bernie Sanders

I mean, that’s just a fact, that’s a sad realIty of amerIcan socIety. and that’s what we have to transform. — Bernie Sanders

I do not exaggerate when I tell you that the foundatIons of amerIcan democracy are beIng undermIned. — Bernie Sanders

Here’s the message to russia : stay out of american elections. — Bernie Sanders

The american people have a right to know what They are eating. — Bernie Sanders

for many the american dream has become a nightmare Bernie Sanders quote

We must invest in the needs of the american people, not spend trillions more on endless wars. — Bernie Sanders

The police killings of unarmed African Americans has got to stop. — Bernie Sanders

The Postal Service is a vitally important institution for the American people. It must be saved. — Bernie Sanders


In the year 2015, it is time for the federal government to allow states to go forward as they best choose. — Bernie Sanders

Mmm, it’s really good. this is the first time i’ve tasted it. — Bernie Sanders

mmm it s really good this is the first time i ve tasted it Bernie Sanders quote

I talk about [ amazon’s taxes ] all of the tIme. — Bernie Sanders

I don’t thInk we are out of the maInstream. I thInk that what we have notIced Is that the maInstream has been Ignored for a long tIme. — Bernie Sanders

On day 1, i said the keystOne pipeline is a dumb idea, why did it take hillary clintOn such a lOng time before she came into oppositiOn to the keystOne pipeline? — Bernie Sanders

I think that the media spends far too much time [on personalities]. — Bernie Sanders

We are living in a time where a handful of people have wealth beyond comprehension. — Bernie Sanders

i talk about amazon s taxes all of the time Bernie Sanders quote

We probably have more serious problems than any time since the great depression. — Bernie Sanders

It is time for Congress to save the Postal Service, not dismantle it. — Bernie Sanders

The next time you do a filibuster, keep walking around. — Bernie Sanders

As the nation at last confronts global warming, it is no time for denial, greed, cynicism or pessimism. — Bernie Sanders

Many people can talk for a long period of time. But controlling, you know, your urinary tract is maybe the more difficult issue. — Bernie Sanders

i think that the media spends far too much time on personalities Bernie Sanders quote

Some of my best friends are moderates, but you ca n’t be a progressive and a moderate at the same time. — Bernie Sanders

Redundant Thematics

In Bernie Sanders Statements


Now is not the time for the same–old, same–old establishment politics and stale inside–the–beltway ideas. — Bernie Sanders

Everybody knows that there are limited amounts of time ; we did three rallies yesterday. — Bernie Sanders

It’s time to make our government work for all of us… and not just the 1%. — Bernie Sanders


Health care in America must be a right, not a privilege. — Bernie Sanders

health care in america must be a right not a privilege Bernie Sanders quote

What would he say about a nation where 29 million people don’t have health insurance? — Bernie Sanders

In my view, health care is a right of all people … and i will fight for that. — Bernie Sanders

That is absolutely inaccurate, in my view, health care is a right of all people … and i will fight for That. — Bernie Sanders

I wanna end the international embarrassment of the United States of America being the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people as a right, not a privilege. — Bernie Sanders

During a crisis we must make sure that we care for the communities most vulnerable to health and economic pain. — Bernie Sanders

what would he say about a nation where 29 million people don t have health insurance Bernie Sanders quote

And by the way : medicare today is the most popular health insurance program in the country. private health insurance is not particularly popular. — Bernie Sanders

When people have mental health issues, When they’re a threat to others or themselves, they should be able to get counseling immediately. that is not the case right now. — Bernie Sanders

Of course their [Cuba’s] economy is terrible, but they have Health Care and education. — Bernie Sanders

Progressive activists are angry that a Medicare–for–all single–payer approach was totally ignored during the health care debate. — Bernie Sanders

People who have health care under medicare for all will have no premiums, no deductibles, no copayments, no out–of–pocket expenses. yes, they will pay more in taxes, but less in healthcare for what they get. — Bernie Sanders

in my view health care is a right of all people and i will fight for that Bernie Sanders quote

We have a better idea: guarantee health care to all people as a right, not a privilege, through a medicare for all, single–payer health care program. — Bernie Sanders

If the goal of health–care reform is to provide comprehensive, universal health care in a cost–effective way, the only honest approach is a single–payer approach. — Bernie Sanders

The United States must join the rest of the industrialized world, guarantee health care to all people as a right. — Bernie Sanders

People don’t trust private health insurance companies for all the right reasons. — Bernie Sanders

It is a dictatorship. They did have a good health–do have a decent health care system and a decent educational system. A lot of people have left Cuba for better dreams, to fulfill their aspirations. — Bernie Sanders


We do not believe that billionaires have the right to buy elections, that is why multi–billionaires like michael bloomberg are not going to get very far in this election. — Bernie Sanders

This is a democracy and we have got to expand that democracy and i believe every single person does have the right to vote. — Bernie Sanders

I’ve been criticized for saying this so let me say it again: I believe health care should be a right, not a privilege. — Bernie Sanders

I don’t belIeve that that Is the kInd of judgment we need. — Bernie Sanders

I do believe that billionaires and multi–millionaires should be paying more in taxes. — Bernie Sanders

i don t believe that that is the kind of judgment we need Bernie Sanders quote

I do believe that if millions of people do stand up and fight back, we can stop Donald Trump from doing some really awful things. — Bernie Sanders

I just don’t belIeve that republIcans are goIng to buy Into thIs language that guarantees that hIllary clInton has a far better chance of wInnIng. — Bernie Sanders

Some of us believe that what god teaches us what this world is about is that we do not turn our backs on our brothers or our sisters, essentially, we are in this together. — Bernie Sanders

Should a small business or a large business be able to pollute the water or the air or the food? No, I hope you don’t believe that. — Bernie Sanders

I happen to belIeve from the bottom of my heart that war should be the last resort. — Bernie Sanders

i do believe that billionaires and multi millionaires should be paying more in taxes Bernie Sanders quote

People are hurting and angry, and they want something to be able to stand up and fight for. That’s what I believe the antidote is to Trumpism. — Bernie Sanders

I don’t believe government should take over, you know, the grocery store down the street or own the means of production. — Bernie Sanders

We believe that We have the momentum. We believe that the polling is showing that We’re closing the gap. — Bernie Sanders

And let me make the radical statement that I don’t believe that you can say something profound in the 140 characters that make up a tweet. — Bernie Sanders

I do not believe that we must maintain a bloated military budget which spends almost as much as the rest of the world combined and may lead us to perpetual warfare in the Middle East. — Bernie Sanders

Do I consider myself a part of the casino capitalist process? No I don’t. I believe in a society where all people do well. — Bernie Sanders


This campaign is not about Bernie Sanders, it is not about hillary clinton, it is not about anyone else, it is about you. — Bernie Sanders

I belIeve, as I’ve saId throughout thIs campaIgn, that health care Is a rIght of all people. — Bernie Sanders

We are going to be mounting a vigorous campaign all around this country. — Bernie Sanders

This campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming america. — Bernie Sanders

we are going to be mounting a vigorous campaign all around this country Bernie Sanders quote

Now, why do they make millions of dollars of campaign contributions? they expect to get something. everybody knows that. — Bernie Sanders

I thInk, as I understand It, we are goIng to have a pretty good campaIgn fInancIal report comIng out. — Bernie Sanders

My god, what a turnout! our campaign has the energy, we can see it here tonight. — Bernie Sanders

We have the momentum. We have a path toward victory. our campaign is just getting started. — Bernie Sanders

The truth is that for a campaign that started out as a fringe campaign at 3% in The polls we have enormous momentum. — Bernie Sanders

this campaign is not just about electing a president it is about transforming america Bernie Sanders quote

What this [presidency] campaign is about this bringing millions of people jobs in this country. — Bernie Sanders

I plead guIlty–I should have been more sensItIve at the begInnIng of thIs campaIgn to talk about thIs Issue. — Bernie Sanders

Our campaign has the momentum because people are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. — Bernie Sanders

What the dnc did, arbitrarily, without discussing it with us, is shut off our access to our information, crippling our campaign. — Bernie Sanders

The online campaign is, ‘anybody who doesn’t agree with me is a tool of The establishment,’. — Bernie Sanders

my god what a turnout our campaign has the energy we can see it here tonight Bernie Sanders quote

Instead of fighting ISIS, (the Saudis) have focused more on a campaign to oust Iran–backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. — Bernie Sanders

One of the myths of the iowa caucuses is that hillary clinton didn’t run a good campaign in 2008. — Bernie Sanders


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