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Ben Shapiro is a well-known conservative author and speaker. He has been one of the most prominent voices in American politics for nearly 10 years, arguing against big government on radio, TV, and college campuses around the country. Before that he was editor-in-chief at Breitbart News, an outlet for news coverage from a conservative perspective. On his podcast The Ben Shapiro Show he covers topics like healthcare policy or immigration with facts to back up any arguments made. His goal is to make sure that people are fully informed about what they’re voting on so as not to be misled by politicians who might want to take advantage of them.
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About Ben Shapiro

birth of the author

January 15, 1984

education of the author

University Of California, Los Angeles

occupation of the author

Political Commentator, Media Host, Lawyer

movement of the author

American Conservatism

Inspiring Phrases From Ben Shapiro

As of September 2012, 168 out of the 602 released Guantanamo Bay detainees are suspected of returning to terrorism. So, is this a winning scenario for the United States? Of course not. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Don’t follow people. Follow principle. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Rule #2: Hit First. Don’t take the punch first. Hit first. Hit hard. Hit where it counts. Mike โ€” Ben Shapiro

Historically, defense spending cuts have preceded increased international turmoil as America’s global enemies sense a failure of will. โ€” Ben Shapiro

don t follow people follow principle Ben Shapiro quote

Voluntary exchange is more moral than forced redistribution. โ€” Ben Shapiro

You know what’s fun? Christmas lights. They are twinkly an pretty and they make me happy, because they are twinkly and pretty. โ€” Ben Shapiro

When Americans are faced with the prospect that they can never earn their way to wealth, they have two choices: to rebel against the system, or to settle into depressed complacency. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Various Statements From Ben Shapiro

We can have an hour long conversation about all the topics under the sun, really probe your belief system. hoWever you want to do it, i am more than willing to talk to you. โ€” Ben Shapiro

It is possible to take the story of Noah figuratively, although virtually every Near East ancient civilization has its own version of the flood story (including the amoral epic of Gilgamesh). โ€” Ben Shapiro

distrust of government isn t baseless cynicism it s realism Ben Shapiro quote

Historically, professors have defended tenure as a way to protect their individualistic thought. But tenure can also be used as a club to wield against the powerless. โ€” Ben Shapiro

In Britain, where the social safety net is more like a social swaddling cloth, crime rates other than murder are significantly higher than in the United States. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Distrust of government isn’t baseless cynicism. It’s realism. โ€” Ben Shapiro

In short, I don’t root against President Obama because I hate America. I root against President Obama because I hate his vision for America. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Bad presidents don’t deserve holidays. They deserve scorn. โ€” Ben Shapiro

More Phrases From Ben Shapiro

Having children truly ends adolescence. We are all either parents or children: responsibilityโ€“takers or those who demand from others. โ€” Ben Shapiro

The separation of church and state was meant to protect church from state; a state that declares religion off limits in public life is a state that declares itself supreme over all religious values. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Americans take justifiable pride in the freedoms given to them by nature or God and enshrined in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Without a clear moral vision, we devolve into moral relativism, and from there, into oblivion. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Redundant Thematics

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Is not right that children be dunked headfirst into the vat of garbage we call popular culture. โ€” Ben Shapiro

facts don t care about your feelings Ben Shapiro quote

Wait, Wikipedia isn’t working? Why hasn’t someone invented a paper version of it? A set of books organized alphabetically by topic? โ€” Ben Shapiro

Facts don’t care about your feelings. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Deeper Quotes From Ben Shapiro

However you want to do it, i am more than willing to talk to you. โ€” Ben Shapiro

The left no longer makes arguments about policies’ effectiveness. Their only argument is character assassination. โ€” Ben Shapiro

A society of essential oils and selfโ€“esteem has replaced a society of logic. โ€” Ben Shapiro

however you want to do it i am more than willing to talk to you Ben Shapiro quote

It took capitalism half a century to come back from the Great Depression. โ€” Ben Shapiro

The secular bullies believe they have an exclusive patent on scientific knowledge. โ€” Ben Shapiro

Ronald Reagan was not a god. He himself would have said that. Don’t follow people. Follow principle. โ€” Ben Shapiro

A man may be judged by his standard of entertainment as easily as by the standard of his work. โ€” Ben Shapiro

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