Your infinite energy of alignment

The problem

Energy is required for motivation, efforts, and excellence, however, it’s a limited and picky resource that only develop fully when one is fully aligned.


Understanding, finding, and developing alignment in your goals and actions, so your energy feels it’s worth to give it all.


When aligned with mind, heart and spirit, energy serves you without limit, leading you to the greatest places of excellence and fulfillment.

3 steps to find alignment


Alignment is the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts (as of a mechanical or electronic device) in relation to each other.

1. Uncover your intuition

Your inner voice

Buried under the influences of our society, family, friends, media… there is a true authentic self in you, trying to manifest and accomplish itself. The quirkier you are from this authentic self, the more off you feel with life, a painful feeling. One way this core self is communicating with you is through your intuition. Your intuition has several languages but most of the time takes the form of an inner voice. This inner voice is usually the first to come to your head when you are about to take a decision, before it gets diluting in our filters.

Gut feeling

Another way your core-self communicates with you is through emotions. Your gut feeling sends you various sensations, pleasant or unpleasant. Those sensations create tension or pleasantness that can guide you through life, if you pay attention and listen to them.

We will cover more on how to exit your default mode by trusting your intuition in our digital modern cure course.

2.Concrete signs of alignment and unalignment

You start   your day with enthusiasm   
You start   your day with anxiety   
You go bed   with satisfaction   
You go to bed   with negative feelings   
You have a   ton of energy for what you do   
You lack   energy and motivation   
You talk   about what you do all the time   
You avoid   talking about what you do   
You enjoy   your life   
You are   waiting or regretting something    

3.Finding alignment

You can use the tab above as list of clues to spot in some area of your life that could need alignment.

Staying open

If you feel unaligned with your life, you may need to change some aspects of it. Change requires novelty and novelty needs openness. You then may need courage to achieve change, but it’s not only a worth, but necessary process. When you start to be open for change, life send you plenty of clues to find your ways. Awareness will guide toward this process. Awareness is about observing and trusting your intuition (inner voice and gut feeling) while bringing enough fresh elements in your life to feed your accomplishment and find meaning.

Feed awareness with inspiration

Here is a list of inspiration sources that can help you find alignment in your life:

– Interviews of successful people and their biographies
– Books, movies, podcasts
– Experiences (for example travelling)
– Meeting different people (completely new strangers preferably)
– Subscribing to feeds, following leaders and guru

So, for example if you feel your love life is unaligned with yourself, you could watch or listen people talking about similar problems and how they solve it, experimenting new types of relationship, meeting people with different point of view, subscribing to social media feeds of relationship experts… During this process you listen your intuition toward what is working or not working for you.


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