How to Stop Procrastination? [Step by step method]

MEANING AND CAUSES OF PROCRASTINATION Procrastination is a trap that many of us find ourselves in, even when we try to avoid it. Statistics shows that about ninety-five percent (95%) of us procrastinate to a degree. According to some schools of thought in psychology, people who procrastinate have a twisted sense of time.In this article, we shall … Read more

200 Business Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Read

ENTREPRENEUR LIFE, QUOTES, INFOGRAPHICS & INSPIRATION, WORKPLACE Some people try to reduce stress at work, others look for a way to reduce their global anxiety. While there are many various solutions to eliminate stress and anxiety, most of them point to the mind. If you manage to calm your mind, you’ll calm everything else. Here comes the power of stress quotes.We created this … Read more

Reach your goals! 200 Quotes To Follow Your Dreams

What if your goal is an uncommon one? The kind only courageous people ready to live an aware life decide to follow? Well you may need some motivation and inspiration.So here are visions, mindsets and quotes, from the most inspiring hustlers, entrepreneurs, professionals to help you reach your goals. LIVING WITH YOUR GOALS Don’t try … Read more

104 Meditation Quotes To Inspire Peace and Happiness

Meditation has many huge positive effects on our brain. But finding our ways to inner peace and calm our mind can be really challenging.If you are always stressed or anxious, meditation can help you. Here is an easy step by step tutorial to start meditation and some practical tips to instantly reduce stress.This is why we gathered the most … Read more

[Being Patient] 102 Quotes To read when loosing patience.

Patience. Without it, growth is impossible.But with it, you can achieve success because you become a master of time.Patience can prevent stress, anxiety, fear and bring calmness inside you.If you are a stressed person by nature, you can learn to meditate. You can also apply those practical tips to reduce stress or even deal with stress at work.If you struggle, … Read more