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Arnold Palmer was born on September 10, 1929 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He would go on to become one of the most successful and well-known professional golfers in history. Despite a few early setbacks, including being cut from the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 1957, Palmer persevered and achieved great success. He is perhaps best known for his dramatic victory at the 1960 U.S. Open, where he beat Ken Venturi by two shots despite high winds and harsh conditions. In total, Palmer won 62 tournaments on the PGA Tour, including seven major championships. He was also a master of branding and marketing himself and his sport, which helped make golf more popular than ever before.

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September 10, 1929

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September 25, 2016

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The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done. — Arnold Palmer

Timing is everything in life and in golf. — Arnold Palmer

I look back, it taught me something–it taught me how to live, how to be a better guy, not let defeat be the end of my life. — Arnold Palmer

I would never felt good if I hadn’t experienced losing, because losing is part of your life. And it something that if I could teach people to understand that I think it could help them a lot. — Arnold Palmer

timing is everything in life and in golf Arnold Palmer quote


I like the Miami because I could play golf all winter. — Arnold Palmer

Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. — Arnold Palmer

Feel is the most perplexing part of golf, and probably the most important. — Arnold Palmer

Players need to remember they didn’t make golf. Golf made them. — Arnold Palmer

Golf would be my ticket somewhere, I told myself. I just couldn’t say where it would lead me. — Arnold Palmer

i like the miami because i could play golf all winter Arnold Palmer quote

I have a psychological feeling about things–and if I have something that I need to accomplish and I accomplish it, I let down after that, and that happened to me in golf. — Arnold Palmer

I think I’ve heard somebody say that I was a well–dressed golfer. I guess that has something to do with the fact that a lot of people who play golf don’t dress very well. — Arnold Palmer

Golf is deceptively simple, endlessly complicated. A child can play it well and a grown man can never master it. It is almost a science, yet it is a puzzle with no answer. — Arnold Palmer

Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character. — Arnold Palmer

We just became very good friends [with Dwight Eisenhower], we played golf, we played heart exhibitions. Then his doctor said he should not play golf anymore. — Arnold Palmer

golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated Arnold Palmer quote

Every day I play golf, that’s my goal. To break 70 the other way. To shoot 70 or better. — Arnold Palmer

I think the people I have met have meant a great deal to me, more than any shot I ever hit. I will always remember some golf shots, but others I would like to forget. — Arnold Palmer


The only really unplayable lie I can think of is when you’re supposed to be playing golf and come home with lipstick on your collar. — Arnold Palmer

I played high school golf, I played amateur golf and I started getting officers. I was playing pretty good, won amateur tournaments as a junior, and the whole thing. — Arnold Palmer

I still enjoy what I do. I haven’t been playing much golf and none since I dislocated my shoulder, but I come to the office every day. — Arnold Palmer

I didn’t get playing professional golf until I was 25 years old. And I always said that if I could make it work, I would play as long as I could walk. — Arnold Palmer

I am against making golf courses obsolete, going to the national Open and playing half the holes with a one–iron. — Arnold Palmer

I probably have a club in my hands 360 days a year, one way or another, playing with friends or just fiddling around or hitting balls. — Arnold Palmer

I was playing cowboys and Indians in the trees, and then I started hitting the golf club with clubs father sawed off for me, and I began playing right here with my father. — Arnold Palmer

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Everyone I built a course for thinks they have the best golf course in the world and I’m very pleased and proud of that. — Arnold Palmer

you don t go to palm springs in the summer unless you re building a golf course Arnold Palmer quote

I am so pleased with my golf course. I am to say that it’s the best I’ve ever seen it–without equivocation. — Arnold Palmer

My father started on this golf course at Latrobe when he was sixteen years old. He was digging ditches when they were building the golf course. — Arnold Palmer

You don’t go to Palm Springs in the summer unless you’re building a golf course. — Arnold Palmer

The game has such a hold on golfers because they compete not only against an opponent, but also against the course, against par, and most surely–against themselves. — Arnold Palmer

I try to deign golf courses that are individual in character and individual in their own standing. — Arnold Palmer

I was born in 1929, that was the depression, so the golf course was manned by my father and two guys, they worked for my dad and they took me with them everywhere they went. And it was fun. — Arnold Palmer


I don’t see myself as a full–time broadcaster. I’ve done some of it, and I enjoy it, but I don’t think I should try to make a career out of it. — Arnold Palmer

I was mixing iced tea and lemonade in my kitchen since as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until some time in the early 1960s that it became associated with me publicly. — Arnold Palmer

First time I met Jack [Nicholas ] I had heard about his golf and prowess–I was playing in the Ohio amateur. — Arnold Palmer

We have a great field and I’m very happy about that. It’s a tough time of year as it gets closer to the Masters, but I’m appreciative of the players who are here, and I’m expecting a great week. — Arnold Palmer

one thing i ve learned over time is if you hit a golf ball into water it won t float Arnold Palmer quote

One thing I’ve learned over time is, if you hit a golf ball into water, it won’t float. — Arnold Palmer

When you play by the rules, defy mental demons, overcome every challenge, and enjoy a walk in the country at the same time–that’s being alive. — Arnold Palmer

For years I did take my time, but that was because I hated waiting to hit shots–I adopted a pace where I didn’t have to stand by my ball and wait. — Arnold Palmer

I think a firm grip helps you control the club and prevents it from turning in your hands. Another thing about feel is, if you make a change in your grip, it takes time for your brain to adapt. — Arnold Palmer

ARNOLD PALMER Quotes Take Away

Although he may be gone, his words of wisdom will continue to inspire golfers and non-golfers alike for years to come. As you go about your day-to-day, remember these Palmer quotes and let them motivate you to achieve great things. And if you’re ever looking to learn more about the game of golf or improve your skills, check out our courses—we have something for everyone.

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