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If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the work of Arlo Guthrie. His song Alice’s Restaurant is legendary in the business world, and has been taught in business schools for years as an example of effective marketing. But what you may not know is that Arlo Guthrie is more than just a musician. He’s also a successful businessman, and has been involved in a number of startups over the years. In this article, we’ll take a look at the business career of Arlo Guthrie, and learn some lessons from his successes and failures.

We are glad to present you the most inspiring Love, Land, Songs, World quotes from Arlo Guthrie, and much more.


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About Arlo Guthrie

birth of the author

July 10, 1947

genre of the author

Folk, Folk Rock, Talking Blues, Protest Music

occupation of the author

Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Social Activist, Humanitarian

instrument of the author

Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Autoharp, Banjo, Harmonica, Saxophone

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Years Active:

institution of the author

Warner Bros., Rising Son, Koch

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Shenandoah Pete Seeger Woody Guthrie


This land is made for you and me. — Woody Guthrie

Yes, I was born in Coney Island. The Holy Land. — Arlo Guthrie

All of you cowboys, fight for your land. — Woody Guthrie

Nobody living can ever stop me. As I go walking my freedom highway. Nobody living can make me turn back. This land was made for you and me. — Woody Guthrie

yes i was born in coney island the holy land Arlo Guthrie quote


I love a good man outside the law, just as much as I hate a bad man inside the law. — Woody Guthrie

Love is the only medicine I believe in. — Woody Guthrie

Only the words of love kept alive are worthy of not being wasted. — Arlo Guthrie

I don’t write as many songs as I used to. But, I find myself writing for social media more–times have changed. And I love photography, so a lot of my creative energy gets caught up that way. — Arlo Guthrie


You can’t write a good song about a whorehouse unless you’ve been in one. — Woody Guthrie

i m not just a singer songwriter doing songs in the key of me Arlo Guthrie quote

I’m not just a singer–songwriter doing songs in the key of me. — Arlo Guthrie

We would turn everything into songs in those days. — Arlo Guthrie

I have decided long ago that my songs and ballads would not get the hugs and kisses of the capitalistic experts. — Woody Guthrie

We would turn everything into songs in those days…A lot of people think ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ was an anti–war song. It’s not. — Arlo Guthrie

Be serious. Folk songs are serious. That’s what Pete Seeger told me. ‘Arlo, I only wanna tell you one thing. Folk songs are serious.’ And I said, ‘Right.’ — Arlo Guthrie

Along with a sense of humor, my songs have to be sincere, and they have to be sung from a position of inner conviction. — Arlo Guthrie

One day we’ll all find out that all of our songs was just little notes in a great big song! — Woody Guthrie

A song ain’t nothing but a conversation fixed up to where you can talk it over and over without getting tired of it. — Woody Guthrie

People were talking about songs of the common man in order to make the common man. With Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly, they were so common it was just uncommon. — Arlo Guthrie

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Songs are like fish. You just gotta have your line in the water. And it’s a bad idea to fish downstream from Bob Dylan. — Arlo Guthrie

I’ve written quite a variety of songs, everything from kids songs to political satire, and my dad covered a fairly large range, also. — Arlo Guthrie

If you want to learn something, just steal it. — Woody Guthrie


But think of the last guy. For one minute, think of the last guy. Nobody’s got it worse than that guy. Nobody in the whole world. — Arlo Guthrie

Now as I look around, it’s mighty plain to see, This world is such a great and a funny place to be. Oh, the gamblin’ man is rich, an’ the workin’ man is poor, And I ain’t got no home in this world anymore. — Woody Guthrie

Basically, I think you need two things to get by in this world: a sense of humor and the ability to laugh when your ego is destroyed. — Arlo Guthrie

If you walk across my camera I will flash the world your story. — Woody Guthrie

There are people all over the world who are willing to exploit others. You can’t just point the finger at America. — Arlo Guthrie

Thank God that the people that run this world are not smart enough to keep running it forever. You know, everybody gets a handle on it for a little while. — Arlo Guthrie

Now as through this world I ramble, I see lots of funny men, Some rob you with a six gun, And some with a fountain pen. — Woody Guthrie

ARLO GUTHRIE Quotes Take Away

Arlo Guthrie’s words of wisdom are as relevant today as they were fifty years ago. We hope that these quotes have inspired you to take a closer look at your own life and appreciate the world around you a little bit more. If you’re feeling motivated, be sure to check out our upcoming courses on happiness and creativity. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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