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Archie Bunker is a fictional character from the 1970s television sitcom All in the Family. He was played by Carroll O’Connor. ย Archie’s character was that of an uneducated, prejudiced blue-collar worker who holds his own views, often at odds with what is politically correct or generally accepted. ย He has been described as a bigot and as representing xenophobic white American culture. ย In some respects he can be seen as a precursor to Donald Trump due to his inflammatory rhetoric on topics such as immigration and race.
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About Archie Bunker

date of the author

First Appearance:
“Meet The Bunkers” January 12, 1971

date of the author

Last Appearance:
“I’M Torn Here” April 4, 1983

created of the author

Created By:
Norman Lear

genre of the author

Portrayed By:
Carroll O’Connor

occupation of the author

Former Blue-Collar Worker, Bar Owner And Cabbie


My dear, did you ever stop to think what a wonderful bunker you would make? โ€” Walter Hagen

The Bunkers is going down to Florida as preโ€“deranged. โ€” Archie Bunker


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Too much ambition is a bad thing to have in a bunker. โ€” Bobby Jones

We’ll make a bunker hill of it. โ€” George Pickett

the bunkers is going down to florida as pre deranged Archie Bunker quote

I’d like to think that the best bunker buster is a diplomat. โ€” Scott Ritter

The only way Bex would miss this would be if she were unconscious. And tied up. And in a concrete bunker. In Siberia. โ€” Ally Carter

I was in the back part of the bunker, so I had to carry the whole bunker. It was probably 20 yards. โ€” Trent Dilfer

I think a lot of the best ideas come from the grassroots; I’m someone who does not like a bunker mentality and does not like groupthink. โ€” Bill De Blasio

Either a wise man will not go into bunkers, or, being in, he will endure such things as befall him with patience. โ€” Andrew Lang

They say I get into too many bunkers. But is no problem. I am the best bunker player. โ€” Seve Ballesteros

Once when I’d been in a lot of bunkers, my caddie told me he was getting blisters from raking so much. โ€” Joanne Carner

A golf ball can stop in the fairway, rough, woods, bunker or lake. With five equally likely options, very few balls choose the fairway. โ€” Jim Bishop

The green is so narrow that if you overโ€“club, you’ve got an impossible bunker shot. If you’re short, you’re pretty much dead. โ€” Vijay Singh

Have we not huddled in bunkers, while some premonition of tomorrow hung in the air and a comrade started singing? Oh, it felt so melancholy! And it was kitsch. โ€” Robert Musil

If mass media, social isolation in the suburbs, alienating workplaces and long car commutes create a bunker mentality, the Internet does the opposite. โ€” Alex Steffen

The moment the average golfer attempts to play from long grass or a bunker or from a difficult lie of any kind, he becomes a digger instead of a swinger. โ€” Bobby Jones

The object of a bunker or trap is not only to punish a physical mistake, to punish lack of control, but also to punish pride and egotism. โ€” Charles B. Macdonald

I am always concerned with ideas of territory and movement. Indeed, my first book after Bunker Archeology was entitled L’insecurite du territoire (1976). โ€” Paul Virilio

If you worry about financial Armageddon, it is indeed metaphorically the time to stock your bunker with guns, ammunition, canned food and gold bars. โ€” Nouriel Roubini

I don’t want to say Gray Davis is on the run, but today he released an audiotape on the Al Jazeera network from his underground bunker somewhere in the Sacramento area. โ€” Jay Leno

Here’s the way I look at it. President Bush has uraniumโ€“tipped bunker busters and I have puns. I think he’ll be OK. โ€” Jon Stewart

A regime which puts in a bunker the highest law in the land does not have the moral authority to say that nobody is above the law. โ€” Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Fear runs our lives a lot of the time. You can face it headโ€“on, or you can hide in your bunker. โ€” Chris Pine

Liberty knows nothing but victories. Soldiers call Bunker Hill a defeat; but liberty dates from it though Warren lay dead on the field. โ€” Wendell Phillips

On the course, what is feared is like a magnet. Water, bunkers, trees, ravines, high grassโ€“whatever you fear turns magnetic. โ€” Wiffi Smith

Inspiring Phrases From Archie Bunker

Edith, somebody’s gotta be dead; that’s life. โ€” Archie Bunker

It’s in an upward spinal. โ€” Archie Bunker

Hippocritical oath. โ€” Archie Bunker

Sleeping dogs bark the loudest. โ€” Archie Bunker

edith somebody s gotta be dead that s life Archie Bunker quote

Dragging me off to a moving picture like that, it was absolutely disgusting! โ€” Archie Bunker

Redundant Thematics

In Archie Bunker Statements


One of the funniest antidotes of all time. โ€” Archie Bunker

They got the greatest country in the world here. The highest standard of living. The grossest national product. โ€” Archie Bunker

Various Statements From Archie Bunker

God don’t make no mistakes. that’s how he got to be God. โ€” Archie Bunker

You’re a bartender, y’aint a mortrician. โ€” Archie Bunker

god don t make no mistakes that s how he got to be god Archie Bunker quote

We better not, ya know, kill our chickens before they cross the road. โ€” Archie Bunker

You can’t squeeze blood out of a tulip. โ€” Archie Bunker

Sit right down there, seniorora. โ€” Archie Bunker

Brad Pitt is older than Archie Bunker was in the first two seasons of All In The Family. โ€” Kelly Oxford

It ain’t German to the conversation. โ€” Archie Bunker

you re a bartender y aint a mortrician Archie Bunker quote

More Phrases From Archie Bunker

That one kind of grapes on my nerves. โ€” Archie Bunker

Our marriage vows: till death do us part, for better for worse, in secrets and in health. โ€” Archie Bunker

Mrs. O’Leary’s cow is sorry, but Cleveland burned anyway. โ€” Archie Bunker

It’s because of this depression, or recession, or whatever they’re calling it. โ€” Archie Bunker

No, let me tell you something, Mr. Stivic. You are a meathead! A meathead, dead from head up! A meathead! โ€” Archie Bunker

that one kind of grapes on my nerves Archie Bunker quote

He’s still scravengin’ down here. โ€” Archie Bunker

If it’s too hot in the kitchen, stay away from the cook. โ€” Archie Bunker

Deeper Quotes From Archie Bunker

This ain’t one of these slighthearted occasions. โ€” Archie Bunker

Attorney General John Ashcroft said there is a new credible terrorist threat. He said everything is under control; not to panic. And then he went back to his harmonically sealed bunker. โ€” Jay Leno

They laughed at Robert Fulton but without him, New York wouldn’t have a fish market. โ€” Archie Bunker

this ain t one of these slighthearted occasions Archie Bunker quote

I’ve never seen a man so low and depaved. โ€” Archie Bunker

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