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Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, has a life story that no one can ever forget. He’s been through so much in his life, from drug addiction to being diagnosed with cancer and surviving. This blog post is going to tell Anthony Kiedis’ quotes compilation and how he overcame adversity by keeping positive thoughts about himself at all times.

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About Anthony Kiedis

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November 1, 1962

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Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper

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Funk Rock, Alternative Rock, Funk Metal, Punk Rock, Rap Rock, Hard Rock And More.

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Vocals, Guitar

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Warner Bros.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers


I’ve acclimated to the music–while–exercising thing. — Anthony Kiedis

Well, I get excited about music. — Anthony Kiedis

I think there is always going to be inspired music and there are always going to be inspired listeners and there is always going to be an inspired method of getting it from A to B. — Anthony Kiedis

When we get together to rehearse, we could write music together all day long–GOOD music. — Anthony Kiedis

i ve acclimated to the music while exercising thing Anthony Kiedis quote

Music itself was color–blind but the media and the radio stations segregate it based on their perceptions of the artists. — Anthony Kiedis

My guys studied music from a young age and I did not so I think, like, adding the idiot to the table of very talented musicians gave us a unique rub. — Anthony Kiedis

I don’t even know what words to use to talk about the music industry anymore. But the business has changed a lot–the methods of releasing music. — Anthony Kiedis

Writing music always happened for me in periods when I wasn’t under the influence of mind–altering substance. — Anthony Kiedis


I would consider him definitely one of my very best friends and I know he feels the same about me. We have a lot of love and respect. — Anthony Kiedis

i think dying is the ultimate high Anthony Kiedis quote

My days are whatever I want them to be. I don’t have to go worry about chasing some chemical to make me feel OK for a minute, and then make me feel worse. — Anthony Kiedis

But then when he left, I realized that it was harder to write songs and feel spiritually connected to art and music as a band. When he came back I felt it again, instantaneously. — Anthony Kiedis

Whatever I ended up doing with my life,I wanted to people feel the way this music was making me feel. — Anthony Kiedis

I discovered surfing, which I absolutely fell in love with. That feels good and kind of keeps your body aligned, so does the salt water. — Anthony Kiedis

I think dying is the ultimate high… — Anthony Kiedis

I never felt like dying was a good idea. — Anthony Kiedis


The fact that I was a junkie for a long time is only one slice of my own personal pie, which is made up of a lot of different slices. — Anthony Kiedis

Every time you empty your vessel of that energy, fresh new energy comes flooding in. — Anthony Kiedis

Time and distance have a way of playing tricks with your best intentions. — Anthony Kiedis

We’ve just learned how to balance ourselves a little better so that we’re happier way more of the time than not, and, you know, being happy is a radical and desirable act if you ask me. — Anthony Kiedis

every time you empty your vessel of that energy fresh new energy comes flooding in Anthony Kiedis quote

My work was done, so it was time to start digging my grave again. — Anthony Kiedis

Adolescence is such a fun time in your life, because you think you know it all, and you haven’t gotten to the point where you realize that you know almost nothing. — Anthony Kiedis

My days are whatever I want them to be. — Anthony Kiedis


I would have to say the person with whom I am most in love is definitely my son, Everly Bear. Although I’m his dad, I’m also his friend. — Anthony Kiedis

A certain amount of volatility and drama can me healthy and keep things fun and interesting if you’re willing at any moment during a fight to say, ‘This means nothing. I love you, let’s forget about it. — Anthony Kiedis

i know whatever my father did in his own way he still loved me Anthony Kiedis quote

The collective love for music and poetry and just the brotherhood of sound. And it’s still kind of flowing through me and I attribute that to the team. — Anthony Kiedis

You know I love pot, and I love beer, but I am totally sober, just because it completely stopped working for me. — Anthony Kiedis

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The sad thing is, people don’t want to believe that the person they’re in love with is out of his mind, drinking and using, so if you give them even half an excuse, they’re going to want to believe it. — Anthony Kiedis

I know whatever my father did, in his own way, he still loved me. — Anthony Kiedis

Just the kind of girl I liked–the weirdo in the bunch. — Anthony Kiedis

just the kind of girl i liked the weirdo in the bunch Anthony Kiedis quote

I know my dad is a big Internet freak, and he’s been known to be a Wikileaker. — Anthony Kiedis

I didn’t care if he was a genius or a fucking idiot, he was rotting away, and it wasn’t fun to watch. — Anthony Kiedis


I’ve got used to touring. If you make calculations of the nights spent in hotels in my life, multiplied by the tattoos I have for hundred. — Anthony Kiedis

Four years into the life of my son, I realize I’m so in love with him and he’s so in love with me that if I don’t find that lifelong partner out there, it’s okay. — Anthony Kiedis

To be 26 years old and lose your left heart ventricle was probably the most dramatic thing that’s ever happened to me in my life… — Anthony Kiedis

I stopped hating and started just being. My whole life, I had been the most defensive person you’d meet, unable to tolerate any criticism. But now I started listening and being. — Anthony Kiedis

I walked away a little disheartened, thinking, ‘Oh well. I came a long way to meet the Wizard of Oz, but I guess I won’t. Such is life. — Anthony Kiedis

I don’t worry about new young bands. The bounty of life is infinite and so is music and so are opportunities. — Anthony Kiedis

Why should we think nudity is such a revolting thing in a land where there is so much violence and corruption and racism and hatred? Nudity seems like a welcome relief from all the bullshit in life. — Anthony Kiedis

I had seen these transformations, people who had lost their will to live, coming back from their zombie states and radiating a new life force from their eyes. — Anthony Kiedis

I never really thought in terms of the concept of being a rock star–being around people like that just seemed like normal day–in–the–life stuff to me. Those were just the surroundings I grew up in. — Anthony Kiedis

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