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The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

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The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

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Anne frank quote On Time


All I think about when I’m with friends is having a good time. —Anne Frank


Time heals all wounds. —Anne Frank


Make the most of your carefree young life as you can. —Anne Frank


Where there’s hope, there’s life. —Anne Frank


When I think about our lives here, I. —Anne Frank


Who else but me is ever going to read these letters? —Anne Frank


An empty day, though clear and bright, is just as dark as any night. —Anne Frank


Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness. —Anne Frank



Anne frank quote On People


People can so easily be tempted by slackness.. and by money. —Anne Frank


Because paper has more patience than people. —Anne Frank


Paper is more patient than people. —Anne Frank


Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. —Anne Frank


Only the language of civilized people may be spoken, thus no German. —Anne Frank


I want to go on living even after my death! —Anne Frank


As long as you are in the food business, why not make sweets? —Anne Frank


No one has ever become poor by giving. —Anne Frank


The art of living. Isn’t that a funny expression? —Anne Frank



Anne frank quote On Happy


Whoever is happy will make others happy. —Anne Frank


Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. —Anne Frank


I was too happy for words and I believe he was as well. —Anne Frank


It still makes me happy to think back to those words and that look. —Anne Frank



Anne frank quote On Heart


I now know that courage and happiness are needed first! —Anne Frank


Those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery. —Anne Frank


To love someone, I have to admire and respect them. —Anne Frank


The spirit of man is great how puny are his deeds. —Anne Frank


Cheer up, keep your spirits high, things are bound to get better! —Anne Frank


Work, love, courage and hope, Make me good and help me cope! —Anne Frank



Anne frank quote On World


Nature is just the one thing that really must be unadulterated. —Anne Frank


I firmly believe that nature can bring comfort to all who suffer. —Anne Frank


More quotes on Anne Frank

God Save the King,. —Anne Frank


Love cannot be forced. —Anne Frank


Kitty, TheSecret Annexe. —Anne Frank


Thursday, 6 January, 1944. —Anne Frank


Crying can bring such relief. —Anne Frank


You are all made of real poop. —Anne Frank


Misfortunes never come singly. —Anne Frank


Little bundle of contradictions. —Anne Frank

I should ever find a real friend,. —Anne Frank

Hope for it to end, hope for peace. —Anne Frank

I have an intense need to be alone. —Anne Frank

Refuge Committee of theSecret Annexe. —Anne Frank

That’s all right with me, I like changes. —Anne Frank

Let me be myself and then I am satisfied. —Anne Frank

Dear Kitty, Nothing special going on here. —Anne Frank

I looked up in the sky and trusted in God. —Anne Frank

When I write, I can shake off all my cares. —Anne Frank

It must be awful to feel you are not needed. —Anne Frank

I’m seething with rage, yet I can’t show it. —Anne Frank

Things were different when I was growing up. —Anne Frank

Oh, there’s never going to be an invasion! Mr. —Anne Frank

The young are not afraid of telling the truth. —Anne Frank

Chins up, stick it out, better times will come. —Anne Frank

Tossing away a piece of paper is clearly taboo. —Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition. —Anne Frank

Don’t be too assuming, it doesn’t get you anywhere. —Anne Frank

I’ll show then that Anne Frank wasn’t born yesterday. —Anne Frank

I’ve known a lot of sorrow, but who hasn’t at my age? —Anne Frank

There is a saying that, paper is more patient than man. —Anne Frank

It won’t take long before I explode with pent–up rage. —Anne Frank

I know I’m far from being what I should, will I ever be? —Anne Frank

Crying can bring relief, as long as you don’t cry alone. —Anne Frank

But I’m not sorry, memories mean more to me than dresses. —Anne Frank

I can’t help telling you that I’ve begin to feel deserted. —Anne Frank

My writing has raised me somewhat fromthe depths of despair. —Anne Frank

Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction. —Anne Frank

I can easily quote the saying:Misfortunes never come singly. —Anne Frank

As you can see, I’m currently in the middle of a depression. —Anne Frank

The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under! —Anne Frank

But there’s only one person I’m accountable to, and that’s me. —Anne Frank

The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands. —Anne Frank

I found that it was easier to think up questions than to ask them. —Anne Frank

I’m my best and harshest critic. I know what’s good and what isn’t. —Anne Frank

I seriously doubt whether anyone will be interested in this dribble. —Anne Frank

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

guide thumb success habits productive mindset pdf

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

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