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Anne Bradeen is the owner of a small business that has been thriving for over 25 years. She started out as a one-woman show, and today employs over 20 people. Her secret to success? Hard work, dedication, and an unwavering focus on her customers. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Anne’s life and discover about her inspiring story.

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About Anne Braden

birth of the author

July 28, 1924

death of the author

March 6, 2006

college of the author

Alma Mater:
Randolph-Macon Woman’s College

occupation of the author

Civil Rights Activist, Journalist, Educator

political of the author

Political Party:
Progressive Party Of 1948

movement of the author

Civil Rights Movement, Peace Movement

award of the author

American Civil Liberties Union’s Roger Baldwin Medal Of Liberty


The only antidote to chaos is peace itself. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The only way to end a culture of violence is to proactively create a culture of peace. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Gandhi said the end is inherent in the means, which means you cannot create any more peace than you yourself have attained. An angry generation will not bring peace. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We receive His peace when we ask Him for it. We keep His peace by extending it to others. Those are the keys and there are no others. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Dear God, Please send to me the spirit of Your peace. Then send, dear Lord, the spirit of peace from me to all the world. Amen. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Enter any moment devoid of agenda, with an absence of posturing, and with your only intention being to send love to everyone you meet or even think of… Happiness, miracles and inner peace will follow. โ€” Marianne Williamson


I don’t believe the United States is going through a midlife crisis. The United States is going through an adolescent crisis. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I have hope, because I believe in miracles. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I believe the human race is ready to make a quantum leap forward spiritually and morally. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I believe that ultimately it all comes down to whether we seek conscious contact with God on a daily basis through prayer and meditation. โ€” Marianne Williamson

If you think there’s something you need in order to be happy, then you believe in lack. Then believing you lack, you will create more lack. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I believe the universe presents more options to a more loving mind. โ€” Marianne Williamson


Spiritual progress is like a detoxification. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Nervous breakdowns can be highly underrated methods of spiritual transformation. โ€” Marianne Williamson

If you went to live in the Himalayas and everyone was lovely there, I’m sure it would be fairly easy to be a spiritual master. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The goal of spiritual practice is full recovery, and the only thing you need to recover from is a fractured sense of self. โ€” Marianne Williamson


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The spiritual journey has to do with learning to think more deeply and take as long a time as we need. That’s the path to wisdom. โ€” Marianne Williamson

To be truly seen and understoodโ€“in all our innocence and glory and yes, our brokenness, tooโ€“is to be delivered into the spiritual ethers where both seen and seer are healed. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The spiritual commitment is to make every situation an object of devotional connection. โ€” Marianne Williamson

All manifestation of fear is a reflection of the fact that humanity has forgotten its spiritual identity. In beginning to remember it, we put fear on notice that its days are numbered. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Beauty is an internal light, a spiritual radiance that all women have, but most women hideโ€“unconsciously denying its existence. What we do not claim, remains invisible. โ€” Marianne Williamson

My father’s politics were oldโ€“fashioned in the sense that he used to say, all the time, ‘You’ve got to fight the system!’ But my spiritual beliefs have led me to believe that the fight is the problem. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Given how deeply the ways of war have penetrated our collective consciousness, it will take spiritual power to turn the issue around. โ€” Marianne Williamson


No matter what the problem, a miracle can solve it. Remember to ask for one. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Behind every fear, there is a miracle waiting. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I embrace each moment as an opportunity for a miracle. โ€” Marianne Williamson

In any moment, in any circumstance, a miracle will occur when we align ourselves with truth. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Dear God, I surrender this thought to you, for I would see the miracle that lies behind it. Amen. โ€” Marianne Williamson

By bringing the past into the present, we create a future just like the past. By letting the past go, we make room for miracles. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Yes, whatever happened, happened; but what happens now is up to you. You can respond from ego, ensuring pain, or you can respond from spirit, ensuring a miracle. โ€” Marianne Williamson

With every thought we think, we either summon or block a miracle. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Each time we consider a miracle impossible, or assume that we ourselves are not capable of working it, then we’re choosing not to take flight. โ€” Marianne Williamson


Don’t think small and expect to have a big life. โ€” Marianne Williamson

You don’t need a new life, just a new lens through which to view the one you have. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Romance is one of the sacred temples that dot the landscape of life. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Life is hard enough, you don’t have to embellish the drama! โ€” Marianne Williamson

You can live your life out of a circumstance or you can live your life out of a vision. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Life is a constant backโ€“andโ€“forth. We take a breath in and then we breathe out. The same is true for the culture as a whole. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The spiritual pathโ€“is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don’t know it. โ€” Marianne Williamson

There is within each of us the possibility of magnificence. Every moment is an opportunity to make it manifest. Let the spirit awaken you to a miraculous life. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I don’t think of spiritual principle as a struggle. I think of life lived without spiritual principles as a struggle. โ€” Marianne Williamson

A meaningful life is not a popularity contest. Do what in your heart you believe to be the right thing, and you may or may not get immediate approval from the world. Do it anyway. โ€” Marianne Williamson

When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We are likely to feel better when we go to bed tonight if we have an internal sense that we spent our lives meaningfully today. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Yes, hardships come. But I see in my life and in the lives of others how often something that does not have to be held as a hardship is dealt with by the mind as though it is. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The point of life is not who falls down. The point is who gets up and how you do it. โ€” Marianne Williamson

To be a princess is to play at life. To be a queen is to be a serious player…The purpose of life as a woman is to ascend to the throne and rule with heart. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The universe is wired to give us what we need, yet we have to show up for the experience of life with a positive attitude in order to experience its gifts. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Life is a book that never ends. Chapters close, but not the book itself. The end of one physical incarnation is like the end of a chapter, on some level setting up the beginning of another. โ€” Marianne Williamson


The world won’t step into its greatness until we step into ours. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Anytime you try to be a loving person, you’re doing your part to save the world. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The world as it is perceived by most people, is a world of finite resources. โ€” Marianne Williamson

All things show up in the world according to the purposes we ascribe to them. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Prayer enables us to transform the world because it transforms us. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Redundant Thematics

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I think the violence in the world right now is being reflected inside people. And I also believe the violence inside people is being reflected in the world. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I’m not a doomโ€“andโ€“gloom person. But I think there is a difference between transcendence and denial, and much of the Western world is in major denial today. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The world is terrified of joyful women. Make a stand. Be one anyway. โ€” Marianne Williamson

If your eyes were open to all the beauty in the world, you would be overwhelmed with joy. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The fate of the world rests on this one thing: our capacity to actualize our spiritual potential, and quickly. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Imagine a temple inside your mind, a haven from the chaos of the world. Visit often. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I think those of us on a spiritual journey can help create a new conversation, a new America, and a new world. โ€” Marianne Williamson

America is a great country, and we’ve done a lot of good in the world. But we are a collection of people, not saints. We have our own sins to atone for. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We were all born carrying a promiseโ€“โ€“a promise to make the world betterโ€“โ€“and there’s a yearning to make good on that promise that none of us can suppress forever. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The world as we know it is falling apart at the seams, because it’s an inadequate container for the truth of who we are. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The world is healed one loving thought at a time. โ€” Marianne Williamson

What emerges from the silence is the deafening sound of an old world disintegrating. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Creating the world we want is a much more subtle but more powerful mode of operation than destroying the one we don’t want. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We are here to repair the world. I grew up thinking that was what everybody was trying to do. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We cannot get to our knowledge because the world is too loud. And we tend to make it louder as we cry out in pain, pretending we are singing. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We shouldn’t come up with a pseudoโ€“spiritual excuse for turning away from the pain of the world. โ€” Marianne Williamson

There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children. โ€” Marianne Williamson


If you have a longing in your heart to hear a deeper truth, there’s a mysterious way in which that truth will find you. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Speak from your mind and people will hear you with their mind. Speak from your heart and people will hear you with their heart. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Every time we open our hearts, we create the space for a global alternative. โ€” Marianne Williamson

May my heart be your shelter, and my arms be your home. โ€” Marianne Williamson

I believe there is an evolutionary impulse toward good that is etched on every human heart. It is placed there by the hand of God. โ€” Marianne Williamson

When the heart is pierced, there is pain, yes, but also an invitation to a greater becoming. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Become more accepting. With every interaction, surrender any tendency to judge another person. Pray for a more accepting heart. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Fill you mind with the meaningless stimuli of a world preoccupied with meaningless things, and it will not be easy to feel peace in your heart. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Imagine the week ahead unfolding in an everโ€“increasing flow of miracles. Allow the image to sink into your heart. Receive it with a big yes! โ€” Marianne Williamson

Yes, we see that there are problems in the world. But we believe in a universal force that, when activated by the human heart, has the power to make all things right. โ€” Marianne Williamson


Let go of your story so the Universe can write a new one for you. โ€” Marianne Williamson

No matter how sad we might be, the universe is still planning our happiness. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The Universe is either expressing a miracle or is pregnant with the next one. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We’re all assigned a piece of the garden, a corner of the universe that is ours to transform. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The difference between magic and miracles is this. Magic is when you use your mind to tell the Universe what you want. Miracles is when you ask the Universe what it wants and how you can serve it’ โ€” Marianne Williamson

Whatever we put out, it’s coming back to us. The universe keeps a perfect set of books. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Sometimes you are lifted up to the mountaintop as a gift from the universe, so you can see what is possible. Then you are put down back at the bottom: Now you have to earn it for yourself. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Conviction is a force multiplier. If you want something, claim it in your gut. The universe itself responds to your inner certainty. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The universe is already programmed to give each of us a year of happiness. Our challenge lies in programming ourselves to receive it. โ€” Marianne Williamson


If you know what changes a heart, you know what changes the world. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Newtonian physics is over. You don’t act on the world to change the world. You realize the world is a projection of your inner self. If you change, the world changes. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Think bigger. Forget limits. Embrace the idea of endless possibility…. It will change you. โ€” Marianne Williamson

The change we are looking for is always a change within ourselves. And the change will come. I’ve noticed that as long as I’m willing to be different, something or someone arrives to show me how. โ€” Marianne Williamson

A change of heart leads to change in behavior, and a change in behavior leads to changing the world. โ€” Marianne Williamson

You get to the point where you realize that unless you, yourself, become more of the change, you can’t create too much change. โ€” Marianne Williamson

We must be proactive in our love in order for it to change our lives. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Sometimes what we deem a failure at the time it happens actually serves to foster a change within us that creates an even greater success down the road. โ€” Marianne Williamson

Sometimes a miracle is a change in material conditions, such as physical healing. At other times, it is a psychological or emotional change. โ€” Marianne Williamson

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