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Andy Biersack is a man who defied the odds and conquered his fears to create success. At age 16, he was kicked out of high school, dropped from becoming a Marine and left with one option: to start his own company. He did just that by opening up Black Veil Brides Clothing Company with nothing but $500 in savings. This business has since grown into an empire, grossing over 10 million dollars each year. Andy’s story shows us how one person can make something of their life no matter what they are faced with on the way there.

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About Andy Biersack

birth of the author

December 26, 1990

genre of the author

Glam Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Alternative Rock And More.

occupation of the author

Singer, Musician, Songwriter

instrument of the author

Vocals, Piano, Synthesizers

date of the author

Years Active:

institution of the author

Lava, Republic, Universal Republic, Standby

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Black Veil Brides


You don’t fall in love with a gender, you fall in love with a person. β€” Andy Biersack

Let love be your perfect weapon. β€” Andy Biersack

We made ‘Wretched and Divine,’ and as much as I love it, it’s a pretty sparkly record–it’s a record that could be done as a play because it’s very theatrical with no grit. β€” Andy Biersack

Love is a power greater than death, just like the songs and stories told. β€” Andy Biersack

you don t fall in love with a gender you fall in love with a person Andy Biersack quote

Creating art or something beautiful makes you a more fulfilled person than they can ever be because they’re caught up in what they hate rather than what they love. β€” Andy Biersack

Create your own realitybecome your own rockstar, find your passion.. .and we will be here every step of the way with you β€” Andy Biersack


Rock stars aren’t crapped out of the sky. β€” Andy Biersack

I don’t know what metalcore is. I know what rock n’ roll is… It’s not rocket science. β€” Andy Biersack

We want people to know they shouldn’t feel like social pariahs just because they want to dress differently or listen to rock n’ roll. β€” Andy Biersack

rock stars aren t crapped out of the sky Andy Biersack quote

My job as the host of a rock awards show is not to be as divisive as possible, but certainly you want to be able to interject your jokes and how you feel about stuff. β€” Andy Biersack

A band like Avenged Sevenfold I’ve praised quite a bit publicly, because it’s a band that has moved into that arena–size thing for a hard rock band. β€” Andy Biersack


Rock and roll is about having a good time. β€” Andy Biersack

I make more time to have fun in the life I’m living before I’m worm food. β€” Andy Biersack

That’s what makes me insufferable to be around, is that most of my life I have assumed that everyone wants to see me perform and do things all the time. β€” Andy Biersack

rock and roll is about having a good time Andy Biersack quote

I was 16 when we made the first song. We’ve been touring for half a decade together and we’ve had quite a bit of time spent learning our craft. You improve as a song writer and as a musician over time. β€” Andy Biersack


Where you are right now blast some music and forget. β€” Andy Biersack

The older I get, the more interest I have in writing other kinds of music. β€” Andy Biersack

Rock and roll is about having a good time, so no matter where you are right now blast some music and forget about lifes problems. β€” Andy Biersack

Because of the kind of music that I liked, and the different way that I dressed, it was kind of a perfect storm, creating a situation where I existed on my own throughout my schooling. β€” Andy Biersack

where you are right now blast some music and forget Andy Biersack quote

I was a little chubby kid that no girls ever talked to. I had little chance of becoming an internationally known rock star. Music was my escape and my belief system. β€” Andy Biersack


It’s a dangerous game to write a song for a person you don’t know. It feels disingenuous. β€” Andy Biersack

Whether I’m trying to or not, I have this inherent feeling that music is uplifting; it makes you feel victorious, and that makes you feel like you can take on the world. β€” Andy Biersack

Believe none of what you hear…and even less of what you see…this is what we`ll be. β€” Andy Biersack

Take joy in who you are, we know our wings are flawed. β€” Andy Biersack

it s a dangerous game to write a song for a person you don t know it feels disingenuous Andy Biersack quote

Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone. β€” Andy Biersack


You are at home when you’re at a Black Veil Brides concert. β€” Andy Biersack

We know that listening to Black Veil Brides, wearing Black Veil Bride shirts, or being in Black Veil Brides isn’t always the most popular thing in the world. β€” Andy Biersack

Coming out of ‘Wretched and Divine,’ I was still wanting to explore the more theatrical elements of songwriting. That led to Andy Black. β€” Andy Biersack

I knew that my love for the Sisters of Mercy, Lords of the New Church and that kind of stuff, was never going to lend itself well to a direct interpretation in Black Veil Brides. β€” Andy Biersack

you are at home when you re at a black veil brides concert Andy Biersack quote


For us, all we care about is maintaining what we do as a band. β€” Andy Biersack

Redundant Thematics

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We’ve won both the best and worst band in so many major magazines–we just get written off so much, but we don’t care. β€” Andy Biersack

Every day, people say crappy things about my band or whatever, but I live a positive existence. I got through everything by virtue of having the same passion that I’ve had through the years. β€” Andy Biersack

You can’t deny a band whose fans will literally do anything to see them win the awards. We’re very appreciative to the fan base. That mutual feeling of appreciation is something that really helps. β€” Andy Biersack

I see so many bands, that are trying really hard to write for a person that they’ve never met. I get the idea behind it and the idea of helping people, but I feel you help people more by exposing yourself. β€” Andy Biersack

for us all we care about is maintaining what we do as a band Andy Biersack quote

One of the things that always disappointed me as a kid, growing up, was when you could tell the singer had a fancy for something different and turned the band into something else. β€” Andy Biersack

When I walk around on the street and someone comes up to me, I have just as many full–grown men with large beards in Slipknot shirts saying he likes my band as much as I do girls with bright pink hair. β€” Andy Biersack

How do we make a record that’s true to the vibe of the band but still maintain the pace of moving forward and doing something fresh? β€” Andy Biersack


I don’t think I necessarily am prepared to write about anybody else’s life but mine. β€” Andy Biersack

The only real inspiration or muse that I have is just the life that I live. β€” Andy Biersack

i don t think i necessarily am prepared to write about anybody else s life but mine Andy Biersack quote

And the people who say things to you about the way you look and the way you dress, they have nothing more to their lives. That’s all they do, and you have something more in you. β€” Andy Biersack

You can’t save the world…save YOUR heart. Be a catalyst & create a life where you are powerful. Rebel. Be happy & allow others happiness. β€” Andy Biersack

The people that tell you what you enjoy is wrong, or come in your life and tell you what you’re wearing is wrong are miserable because they focus on the things that they don’t like. β€” Andy Biersack

I would advocate that you show me your smiling face, and how happy you can make your life. β€” Andy Biersack

Please remember, that even in your darkest moments, you still have the choice to focus your energy on the positive and create a better life. β€” Andy Biersack

the only real inspiration or muse that i have is just the life that i live Andy Biersack quote

Aside from comic book heroes, the only real life heroes I had were musicians. β€” Andy Biersack

More than anything, I write about what I know. The experiences that I’ve had in my life and that we’ve all had collectively, that’s what we draw from. β€” Andy Biersack

I don’t want to get away with murder! I’d have to live with that for the rest of my life. I would never want to live with killing somebody. β€” Andy Biersack

I don’t believe in ghosts, or fairies, or crystals, or unicorns, or a man that can walk on water, or any of that non sense, I personally rely on logic, and have for the better part of my life. β€” Andy Biersack

Lyrically, the most important thing for me is, how can I tell a cohesive story? β€” Andy Biersack

i would advocate that you show me your smiling face and how happy you can make your life Andy Biersack quote

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