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grant has inspired entrepreneurs around the world with her best quotes of determination and resilience. She started her own business at a young age, and has since become a successful entrepreneur. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who is looking to start their own business. grant’s quotes compilation is sure to motivate and encourage entrepreneurs everywhere.

Here are the best Music, Love, Feelings, Experience, Time, Life quotes from Amy Grant, and much more.


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About Amy Grant

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November 25, 1960

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Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.

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Contemporary Christian, Pop Rock, Soft Rock

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Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Author, Media Personality

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Vocals, Guitar

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Myrrh, A&M, Word, Sparrow

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Vince Gill, Gary Chapman, Michael W. Smith

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Do I think all contemporary Christian music is good? No. โ€” Amy Grant

I feel a part of the congregation. I’ve never had to do special music. The kids sing in the choir. It’s just normal. We’re treated like everybody else. โ€” Amy Grant

I just think people should find the music that helps them through the day and enjoy that. I’ve never felt like, if somebody does or doesn’t like what I’m doing, it’s a morality issue. โ€” Amy Grant

I’ve found that music allows years to fold like an accordion over each other, so I guess you don’t feel the passage of time as much. โ€” Amy Grant

do i think all contemporary christian music is good no Amy Grant quote

I just think music is such a beautiful thing. It lifts the heart and buoys up your spiritsโ€“all kinds of music. โ€” Amy Grant

Rich Mullins was the uneasy conscience of Christian music. He didn’t live like a star. He’d taken a vow of poverty so that what he earned could be used to help others. โ€” Amy Grant

To me, the real thrill is in making the music, and then I just trust it to find its own audience, and at times it’s big and at times it’s small, but that’s beyond my control. โ€” Amy Grant


I love being with my children. They’re fascinating people. โ€” Amy Grant

The song ‘Baby Baby,’ I so love that song because I wrote it about my first daughter. โ€” Amy Grant

i love being with my children they re fascinating people Amy Grant quote

I think that if my kids are completely convinced of God’s unfailing love for them, whether they fail or not, they’ll have confidence to persevere in life. โ€” Amy Grant

You do your best, you do all this stuff, but the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. โ€” Amy Grant

But to make a holiday record that involves favorite American songs and then also get to sing about Jesus birth, it just seemed like a real easy, subtle way to combine a couple of things that I love. โ€” Amy Grant


But my experience is that people who have been through painful, difficult times are filled with compassion. โ€” Amy Grant

There’s a beauty to wisdom and experience that cannot be faked. It’s impossible to be mature without having lived. โ€” Amy Grant

for me the backdrop of half the experiences of life includes music Amy Grant quote

For me, the backdrop of half the experiences of life includes music. โ€” Amy Grant

Sunbathing nude] was a liberating experience. It felt unbelievably crazy to take off all my clothes and play in the sun. I’ve not had that much fun in so long. โ€” Amy Grant

The most consistent musical experience I had growing up was church music. โ€” Amy Grant

To me, the human experience does involve a great deal of anguish. It’s joyful, but it’s bittersweet. I just think that’s life. โ€” Amy Grant

Everybody’s entitled to think whatever they want and to express that, but my personal dayโ€“toโ€“day experience does not come into contact with any of those people. โ€” Amy Grant

the most consistent musical experience i had growing up was church music Amy Grant quote

You live in a dangerous place when you sacrifice integrity for security. โ€” Amy Grant


The more time you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes. โ€” Amy Grant

It’s human nature to be curious about people, and to be more curious about young people than old people. We want to cheer something on at the same time we want to tear it down. That’s just so normal. โ€” Amy Grant

I think the first time you try anything in a public way, you feel really exposed. โ€” Amy Grant

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It takes a little time sometimes To get your feet back on the ground. โ€” Amy Grant

the more time you invest in a marriage the more valuable it becomes Amy Grant quote

Man hurts man, time and time again. As we drown in the wake of our power, somebody tell me why? โ€” Amy Grant

I have spent probably years of time waiting in studio loungesโ€“waiting on a mix, waiting on my time to sing, waiting on, waiting on, waiting on. That’s just the nature of life. โ€” Amy Grant

Anybody who’s ever gone through a hard timeโ€“any outsider’s perception, no matter how much information they’re given, they have no idea what the person’s life is like. โ€” Amy Grant


I can look at the future with anticipation. And it’s comforting to know that someday, as Christians, we’ll be able to look back and have a little more clarity on why certain things in life happened. โ€” Amy Grant

I think what I mostly realize is just that life is unpredictable. So don’t be afraid, but just enjoy the day you’re in. Really make the most of it. โ€” Amy Grant

real relationship is gritty and earthy the stuff that life is made of Amy Grant quote

I had the great advantage of a mother who used to tell me the most beautiful years of a woman’s life are ages 35 to 45. โ€” Amy Grant

Real relationship is gritty and earthy, the stuff that life is made of. โ€” Amy Grant

I write about everything, but I justโ€“how faith filters through all that and colors your opinion of other people and life and all that. โ€” Amy Grant

People are going to come into your life that need you, and being there for them makes the day worth living. People are going to come into your life that you need, and that’s the really crazy thing. โ€” Amy Grant

If I had my life to live over again, I’d run barefoot, relax a bit more, I’d talk more to children, and I’d learn how they laugh. โ€” Amy Grant

What might seem like a good idea to somebody at 21 is probably not going to seem like a good idea at 50, but you don’t know that until you get there. โ€” Amy Grant


Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there’s something good about feeling both. โ€” Amy Grant

I know how it feels to go into a studio to start a record, and eight weeks later it’s finished. I know how an intense schedule feels. โ€” Amy Grant

How we absorb music is unique. I know what I do. When I’m listening to music, I tend to find myself in a song. That’s what really makes you connect is if you feel what that song is saying. โ€” Amy Grant

If it all just happened overnight, you would never learn to believe in what you cannot see… โ€” Amy Grant

if it all just happened overnight you would never learn to believe in what you cannot see Amy Grant quote

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