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actress alyssa milano is more than just a pretty face. she’s used her celebrity to advocate for human rights and she’s even started her own business. discover about this inspiring woman in this quotes compilation.

Discover the best Love, Life quotes from Alyssa Milano, and much more.


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About Alyssa Milano

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December 19, 1972

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Actress, Producer, Singer, Author, Activist And More.

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A big part of life is realizing what you’re good at. — Alyssa Milano

I’m a big believer in, no matter what you go through in life, as long as you can laugh your way through it, you’re going to be okay. — Alyssa Milano

If you come from a solid family structure, it doesn’t matter what you go through in your life. You’re going to be okay. — Alyssa Milano

It’s sad that vice president mike pence is so dismissive of the american lives lost in las vegas, sutherland springs, and parkland–not to mention the thousands of people killed every month by gun violence. — Alyssa Milano

a big part of life is realizing what you re good at Alyssa Milano quote

I’ve always believed in experiencing everything in life. When you walk out with blinders on, you cut yourself off from the angels and the fairies. — Alyssa Milano

Life will always throw you curves; just keep fouling them off. The right pitch will come, but when it does be prepared to run the bases.–RICK MAKSIAN — Alyssa Milano

History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.–KURT VONNEGUT — Alyssa Milano


Way to go, New York. One people. One planet. One love. — Alyssa Milano

There is nothing like seeing the man you love with your child. — Alyssa Milano

way to go new york one people one planet one love Alyssa Milano quote

My biggest surprise when I became a mom was how I had so much love inside me to give to someone. — Alyssa Milano

Some people might see them as imperfections, but when you have a baby–those are your beauty marks, i love my stretch marks. i have them on my boobs, on my ass, on my belly. — Alyssa Milano

The HARDEST PART about BREAKING UP is the next day, opening your notebook only you see I LOVE YOU scribbled all over. — Alyssa Milano

Inspiring Phrases From Alyssa Milano

Our bodies are made to nurture and cuddle and all of those amazing things that come along with being a mom. — Alyssa Milano

I keep a journal/day planner, which really helps me stay organized and focused. — Alyssa Milano

i keep a journal day planner which really helps me stay organized and focused Alyssa Milano quote

I think we’re in the time when the metaphysical world is so interesting. — Alyssa Milano

Baseball represents family. It represents my childhood. — Alyssa Milano

Be present and in the moment. — Alyssa Milano

Every time I get a tattoo, my parents say they’ll disown me. I have to get them airbrushed for Charmed. Witches don’t have tattoos, I guess. — Alyssa Milano

I’m actively looking at pilots in the very limited pilot season that is about to begin. Lots of work for my clothing line which is extremely exciting. — Alyssa Milano

i think we re in the time when the metaphysical world is so interesting Alyssa Milano quote

Various Statements From Alyssa Milano

So please stop making them, we built this country on the backs of black and brown people and we still haven’t really done anything to say, ‘f–––.’. — Alyssa Milano

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So i’m cautiously optimistic that he knows the issue and hopeful, i guess, that he’s willing to do Something about it. — Alyssa Milano

I don’t care, I’m goIng to keep breastfeedIng, maybe even untIl [elIzabella Is] 6! — Alyssa Milano

It debilItates our lawmakers from implementing common–sense gun form. — Alyssa Milano

I’ve dated the sweet mama’s boy, the musician rocker, the struggling artist–basically a lot of people without jobs. — Alyssa Milano

i don t care i m going to keep breastfeeding maybe even until elizabella is 6 Alyssa Milano quote

I think we’re in a time when everyone’s afraid to have sex. But I was raised being beautiful and healthy. — Alyssa Milano

The first few weeks of being a mom were profound, not just emotionally but also, physically. All the changes you instinctually go through are miraculous. — Alyssa Milano

More Phrases From Alyssa Milano

Every time I decide I want a child I get another pet. I have 3 dogs, 13 birds and 3 horses, what does that tell you? — Alyssa Milano

It’s hard enough to go through puberty. Everyone’s embarassed about their youth, but if just happens that the ’80s were particularly disgusting. Flock of Seagulls is not cool. — Alyssa Milano

Plan ahead! Prepare dishes ahead of time if you can. Keep it simple. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your guests. — Alyssa Milano

i take vitamins i workout every day Alyssa Milano quote

I take vitamins. I workout every day. — Alyssa Milano

Time is an amazing enigma in which seeds that were planted can turn into a vibrant garden if properly pruned. — Alyssa Milano

Be an active participant in your community and country. Every small gesture makes up the big gestures. Resist, rinse, repeat. — Alyssa Milano

It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to always be nice. — Alyssa Milano

ALYSSA MILANO Quotes Take Away

Milano is an actress, producer, activist, and entrepreneur. She is also a powerful voice for women’s empowerment. Check out our courses to learn more about how you can be inspired and empowered to live your best life.

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