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Alfred Nobel’s life has been one of great accomplishment, from his invention of dynamite to the establishment of the Nobel Prize. His legacy is celebrated in this excerpt from his quotes compilation:
Nobel was a man of extraordinary intellectual curiosity and creativity who made ground-breaking inventions that have had an enduring impact on our world.
Alfred was born into wealth and privilege on October 21st 1833, just outside Stockholm Sweden. He studied engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where he earned a degree as an engineer in 1855. One year later he received a doctorate degree for his work with nitroglycerine. Alfred invested much time and money into research and development, creating more than 350 patents during this

We are glad to present you the most interesting phrases from Alfred Nobel.

We are glad to present you the deepest quotes from Alfred Nobel, and much more.


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About Alfred Nobel

birth of the author

21 October 1833

death of the author

10 December 1896

country of the author


occupation of the author

Chemist, Engineer, Inventor, Businessman, Philanthropist

knownfor of the author

Known For:
Benefactor Of The Nobel Prize, Inventor Of Dynamite

money of the author

Net Worth:
$250 Million

Inspiring Phrases From Alfred Nobel

Perhaps my dynamite plants will put an end to war sooner than your [pacifist] congresses. On the day two army corps can annihilate each other in one second all civilized nations will recoil from war in horror. โ€” Alfred Nobel

I am not aware that I have deserved any notoriey, and I have no taste for its buzz. โ€” Alfred Nobel

For my part, I wish all guns with their belongings and everything could be sent to hell, which is the proper place for their exhibition and use. โ€” Alfred Nobel

Lying is the greatest of all sins. โ€” Alfred Nobel

i am not aware that i have deserved any notoriey and i have no taste for its buzz Alfred Nobel quote

Second to agriculture, humbug is the biggest industry of our age. โ€” Alfred Nobel

The only true solution would be a convention under which all the governments would bind themselves to defend collectively any country that was attacked. โ€” Alfred Nobel

Justice is to be found only in imagination. โ€” Alfred Nobel

Various Statements From Alfred Nobel

It is not sufficient to be worthy of respect in order to be respected. โ€” Alfred Nobel

A recluse without books and ink is already in life a dead man. โ€” Alfred Nobel

it is not sufficient to be worthy of respect in order to be respected Alfred Nobel quote

The day when two army corps can annihilate each other in one second, all civilized nations, it is to be hoped, will recoil from war and discharge their troops. โ€” Alfred Nobel

For me writing biographies is impossible, unless they are brief and concise, and these are, I feel, the most eloquent. โ€” Alfred Nobel

I intend to leave after my death a large fund for the promotion of the peace idea, but I am skeptical as to its results. โ€” Alfred Nobel

Nature is man’s teacher. She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence. โ€” Alfred Nobel

This might have ended in the usual manner, And brought the joys and griefs of wedded life; But ’twas not so ordained: another bridegroom Had stronger claimsโ€“she’s wedded to her grave. โ€” Alfred Nobel

More Phrases From Alfred Nobel

The truthful man is usually a liar. โ€” Alfred Nobel

My dynamite will sooner lead to peace than a thousand world conventions. As soon as men will find that in one instant, whole armies can be utterly destroyed, they surely will abide by golden peace. โ€” Alfred Nobel

One can state, without exaggeration, that the observation of and the search for similarities and differences are the basis of all human knowledge. โ€” Alfred Nobel

What is Alfred Nobel famous for?

Alfred Nobel is best known for his invention of dynamite and an explosive device called a blasting cap, which inaugurated the modern use of high explosives.


I have not the slightest pretension to call my verses poetry; I write now and then for no other purpose than to relieve depression or to improve my English. โ€” Alfred Nobel

Redundant Thematics

In Alfred Nobel Statements


Contentment is the only real wealth. โ€” Alfred Nobel

the truthful man is usually a liar Alfred Nobel quote

A heart can no more be forced to love than a stomach can be forced to digest food by persuasion. โ€” Alfred Nobel

The savants will write excellent volumes. There will be laureates. But wars will continue just the same until the forces of the circumstances render them impossible. โ€” Alfred Nobel

Deeper Quotes From Alfred Nobel

Lawyers have to make a living, and can only do so by inducing people to believe that a straight line is crooked. โ€” Alfred Nobel

Kant’s style is so heavy that after his pure reason, the reader longs for unreasonableness. โ€” Alfred Nobel

I am a misanthrope, but exceedingly benevolent; I am very cranky, and am a superโ€“idealist. … I can digest philosophy better than food. โ€” Alfred Nobel

kant s style is so heavy that after his pure reason the reader longs for unreasonableness Alfred Nobel quote

I would not leave anything to a man of action as he would be tempted to give up work; on the other hand, I would like to help dreamers as they find it difficult to get on in life. โ€” Alfred Nobel

My home is where I work, and I work everywhere. โ€” Alfred Nobel

Good wishes alone will not ensure peace. โ€” Alfred Nobel

If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied. โ€” Alfred Nobel

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