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In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the quotes compilation of Alex Smith. Alex is a successful entrepreneur who has been able to achieve a great deal of success in his field. We’ll explore his best quotes, and try to understand what makes him tick.

Here are the best Guy, Quarterback, Team, Time quotes from Alex Smith, and much more.


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May 7, 1984

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That’s a special time, to get drafted. โ€” Alex Smith

It’s football. Guys get hurt all the time. โ€” Alex Smith

Quarterback play starts with your eyes and feet. Those have to be in the right place and have to be on time. โ€” Alex Smith

Most of the time, you’re just trying to be the point guard out there based on the play call and the defense that you’re getting; that really dictates where the football goes. โ€” Alex Smith

that s a special time to get drafted Alex Smith quote

Life is not a one act play โ€” Alex M. Smith


It’s far different aging as a quarterback than aging as a tight end. โ€” Alex Smith

As a quarterback, I always feel like it’s my job to be that steady, calm presence in there. โ€” Alex Smith

No quarterback goes out there and plays well on his own. โ€” Alex Smith

As a quarterback, especially when I come off to the sideline, I am trying to get things corrected, trying to get things figured out and move on to the next series. โ€” Alex Smith

it s far different aging as a quarterback than aging as a tight end Alex Smith quote

This is the honest truth: I could absolutely care less on yards per game. I think that’s a totally overblown stat. โ€” Alex Smith


More often than not as a quarterback, your performance is a reflection of the guys around you. I’ve been fortunate to be around some pretty good guys. โ€” Alex Smith

Sometimes when you’ve only got a few snaps, guys try to do too much and try to make too much happen. โ€” Alex Smith

I’ve seen a rebuild, and I’ve seen how quickly things can turn around when guys buy in. โ€” Alex Smith

When the guys are playing well around you, you look good. โ€” Alex Smith

i ve seen a rebuild and i ve seen how quickly things can turn around when guys buy in Alex Smith quote

I used to make fun when I got into the league, and I couldn’t believe these old guys that didn’t know artists on the radio, like in the weight room. โ€” Alex Smith

I don’t really care how many yards I throw for; as long as we score more points than the guys we’re playing. โ€” Alex Smith


As a quarterback, you certainly don’t want to hamstring your team in any way becauseโ€“I know this more than anyoneโ€“you rely so heavily on those playmakers around you. โ€” Alex Smith

That’s the great thing about the NFL: A team can get hot and win a championship. โ€” Alex Smith

As a QB, it’s a team game, and you’re all out there in it. โ€” Alex Smith

that s the great thing about the nfl a team can get hot and win a championship Alex Smith quote

To continue to fight, not get frustrated, to stay together and find a wayโ€“I think that’s important. I think good teams do that. โ€” Alex Smith

In this league, you can’t take your foot off the gas pedal. You think you have something won, but teams are too good, too talented. โ€” Alex Smith

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Inspiring Phrases From Alex Smith

My brother Max nodded knowingly. ‘Head injuries can answer a lot of questions that genetics are just too afraid to ask. โ€” Andrew Smith

One of the many things TV does not show you is the potential range and horror of the human form. For this alone, thought Alex, it is rightly celebrated. โ€” Zadie Smith

Certainly, there were tough times, but no, you can’t go back and change it. So, why dwell on it? โ€” Alex Smith

Obviously, flagrant things have to be called. There are rules. You have got to play to the rules, no question. โ€” Alex Smith

We can only control how we react and how we respond, and that complex but so simple idea helped me survive. โ€” Alex Smith

People naturally believe things they see. Nobody argues with the irrefutable postings on YouTube. โ€” Andrew Smith

Welcome home, Soldier of Furnace. โ€” Alexander Gordon Smith

Various Statements From Alex Smith

For me, it’s about winning games. I’m trying to score more points than the other team. I don’t really care how we do it. โ€” Alex Smith

instincts and fundamentals take over sometimes Alex Smith quote

It wasn’t until I stopped worrying about my own validation and finally refocused my energy on things I could actually change that I finally grew as a person and as a professional. โ€” Alex Smith

I can just remember games as a young player, counting my stats on the sideline. ‘What am I now? I’m this many completions for this many attempts. I wonder what my rating is.’ โ€” Alex Smith

That’s what you want; that’s what you want to play for: fans that are in it and want it as bad as you do. โ€” Alex Smith

I think that’s the great thing about the NFL. You’re out there, and there are very few perennials. It’s a battle every single year. You can go first to worst, worst to first. โ€” Alex Smith

Instincts and fundamentals take over sometimes. โ€” Alex Smith

You play for your teammates; you play for each other. โ€” Alex Smith

ALEX SMITH Quotes Take Away

With this in mind, itโ€™s important to remember that we all have the potential for greatness. As Alex Smith said, โ€œThe biggest thing is recognizing that it starts with you and what kind of person you want to be. Itโ€™s not about anything else. You create your own path. You create your own opportunity. And then you go out and get it.

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