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Do you know who Alex Morgan is? If you don’t, then you’re missing out. She is a phenomenal athlete and an even better person. In this blog post, I’m going to tell you her best quotes and share some of her accomplishments.

Here are the best Soccer, Feelings, Girls, Field, Time, Playing Soccer quotes from Alex Morgan, and much more.


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July 2, 1989

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San Dimas, California, U.S.

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I feel the most confident when I’m comfortable in workout clothes with my hair up in a ponytail. โ€” Alex Morgan

I feel like I’m always looking to continue improving myself. I’m always looking to win. I’m super competitive, so going into the Olympics, I feel like that’s nothing different. โ€” Alex Morgan

I feel like you have to use the platform you’re given to voice concerns and also to praise things when they need to be praised. โ€” Alex Morgan

I feel like when there’s more on the line and there’s more risks, that means there’s more reward. โ€” Alex Morgan

i have experienced sexism multiple times and i m sure i will a lot more Alex Morgan quote

I love yoga. There’s a lot of stretching involved, which helps with my flexibility and injury prevention. Vinyasa is my favorite as a recovery tool and for me to continue having my legs feel good. โ€” Alex Morgan

I have experienced sexism multiple times, and I’m sure I will a lot more. โ€” Alex Morgan


I want to know I made women’s soccer better than it was when I came into it. โ€” Alex Morgan

Sportsmanship is definitely an important thing in all sports. In soccer, we all respect each other on such a high level, between Sweden and Brazil and Japan or whatever team it is. โ€” Alex Morgan

I played volleyball, basketball, softball, and I started to love soccer the most around 7โ€“8 years old because it was a physical game. I could use my speed and strength to my advantage. โ€” Alex Morgan

i want to know i made women s soccer better than it was when i came into it Alex Morgan quote

As a professional soccer player, I need to get touches on the ball every day, and obviously it’s a lot easier to do that with a team than to motivate yourself to do it by yourself. โ€” Alex Morgan

Morgan won her first Olympic medal, a gold, with the American team. The team beat Japan, 2โ€“1, in a match watched by nearly 80,300 peopleโ€“the largest soccer crowd in Olympic history. โ€” Alex Morgan

Music is so huge to soccer, to my life, to working out. I usually have headphones when I’m cleaning the house or making dinner. โ€” Alex Morgan

I don’t run straight at a constant pace; soccer is always a change of pace and movement. โ€” Alex Morgan


The way I’ve been brought up to is take critiques and turn them into positives in my game. โ€” Alex Morgan

the way i ve been brought up to is take critiques and turn them into positives in my game Alex Morgan quote

I don’t think the entire world respects women in sport. But if FIFA start respecting the women’s game more, others will follow. โ€” Alex Morgan

Pregame, I eat pancakes for a meal. I always do mental visualization before the game to prepare myself. Postgame, I typically take ice baths. โ€” Alex Morgan

I want to keep improving, continue to help my teammates improve, make my teammates look good. Continue bringing something new to the game, never getting completely content and always trying to get better. โ€” Alex Morgan

My favorite goals are the ones when there’s so much pressure. I focus more when the game is on the line. โ€” Alex Morgan

The headโ€“banging music gives me a headache. Katy Perry is fun, Rihanna, oldโ€“school ’90s hipโ€“hop. Saltโ€“Nโ€“Pepa. I like listening to that. Get the nerves out before the games. โ€” Alex Morgan


Soccer is what I grew up doingโ€“it’s my passion, and I’m way more comfortable on the field in my soccer cleats. โ€” Alex Morgan

I think players need to get paid for what they’re worth, for what they put up on the field. โ€” Alex Morgan

Somewhere in the world, someone is training when you are not. When you face her on the field, she will win. โ€” Alex Morgan

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I could be a model for one night. But I’m also a professional soccer player, and I like to be taken seriously on the field. โ€” Alex Morgan


I find my motivation from everyone who looks up to me and my teammates. From the little girls that look up to me and tell me they want to be like me when they grow up. โ€” Alex Morgan

My goal is to show girls that I’m fighting so they don’t have to, so they don’t have to fight the same battles, so they don’t have to fight for wage equality or whatever it may be. โ€” Alex Morgan

Scoring a goal in a World Cup was my dream as a little girl. I didn’t really dream of being in ‘Maxim’ when I was 5. โ€” Alex Morgan

Whenever people say ‘women’s soccer,’ I want to correct them to say ‘soccer.’ Every girl has had their sport diminished because they’re girls. โ€” Alex Morgan

I want young girls to dream about being professional soccer players instead of just watching the boys go out and play. โ€” Alex Morgan

When people say, ‘You run like a girl; you play like a girl,’ it’s not what it used to be. That shouldn’t be negative. You should be proud to play like a girl. โ€” Alex Morgan

I went from never doing interviews to doing 10 in one day and standing in front of 60,000 fans. Now people look up to me, and I’m seeing little girls wearing my jersey. โ€” Alex Morgan

It’s an obstacle being a girl when you move all over and don’t have half the things you need. It’s like everything is wrinkled in your life. โ€” Alex Morgan


Ninety percent of the time, when I put on my headphones, I forget to turn on my music. Literally 10 minutes will go by before I realize that there’s no music. โ€” Alex Morgan

My goal against Italy in the World Cup qualifier was probably my most memorable: we had to go to Italy and had to win, or we wouldn’t go to the World Cup, and I scored in stoppage time. โ€” Alex Morgan

I’m never just on the couch. Being busy is part of who I am. But it’s hard juggling my family, my husband, balancing that time. โ€” Alex Morgan

I really like my legs because I’ve worked hard for them. With soccer, that’s the one thing you’re working all the time. โ€” Alex Morgan

Every time you step onto the field, you have to set goals. My goals are to either score a goal, to have an assist, or to play well. โ€” Alex Morgan

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