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There are many successful entrepreneurs in the world, but only a select few can claim to be as legendary as Al Davis. This self-made man turned his humble beginnings into a sports empire, and his best quotes is one that all entrepreneurs can learn from. Read on to find out how Davis rose to success and what lessons you can take away from his journey.

Here are the deepest quotes from Al Davis, and much more.


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About Al Davis

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July 4, 1929

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October 8, 2011

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High School::
Erasmus Hall

Inspiring Phrases From Al Davis

The greatness of the Raiders lies in their future. โ€” Al Davis

Once a Raider, always a Raider. โ€” Al Davis

They say…the stopwatch never lies. Speed kills but absolute speed kills absolutely. โ€” Al Davis

Approximately four years ago, we were told that Jerry Rice would be a free agent and there were people who felt that he no longer could contribute. โ€” Al Davis

the greatness of the raiders lies in their future Al Davis quote

The fire that burns brightest in the Raiders organization is the will to win. โ€” Al Davis

If it weren’t for a new rule that came into being, we’d have played three years in a row in the championship game. โ€” Al Davis

Wake up, Carolee, the plane is waiting for us, we have to get to the game. โ€” Al Davis

Various Statements From Al Davis

Time never stops for the great ones. โ€” Al Davis

We want to win. The Raider fans deserve it. The Raider players deserve it, even my organization deserves it. You have to win and you have to win with a vision for the Super Bowl. That’s our passion here. โ€” Al Davis

time never stops for the great ones Al Davis quote

Just shred baby, shred. โ€” Al Davis

Jerry Rice made the decision and we honestly tried to accommodate him the best way we can. โ€” Al Davis

We would rather be feared than respected. โ€” Al Davis

A helluva athlete, the best ever to play his position in the history of the game. โ€” Al Davis

I’m in pro football to win, to have the Raiders dominate, to have the Raiders global, and we’re not going to be able to do that with a halfโ€“filled stadium. โ€” Al Davis

just shred baby shred Al Davis quote

More Phrases From Al Davis

No one could have brought in more personnel than we have to build a football team. โ€” Al Davis

Why should I talk to you? I don’t know where you’re from. โ€” Al Davis

They said you had to take what the defense gave you. No, we are going to take what we want. โ€” Al Davis

It’s not important to be consistent, it’s important to be right. โ€” Al Davis

Redundant Thematics

In Al Davis Statements


It was willie who was her best friend, we loved and will miss you willie. โ€” Al Davis

no one could have brought in more personnel than we have to build a football team Al Davis quote

Look, I don’t want to win in the press. I want to win on the field. โ€” Al Davis

History will dictate what my legacy is. And ‘maverick’ is fine, because I am. โ€” Al Davis

Deeper Quotes From Al Davis

Don’t treat people how you want to be treated, treat them how they want to be treated. โ€” Al Davis

One lie has the power to tarnish a thousand truths. โ€” Al Davis

I’d like my next head coach to be winning oriented. We would consider anyone that we think is right. โ€” Al Davis

don t treat people how you want to be treated treat them how they want to be treated Al Davis quote

I love my country and I love my league. โ€” Al Davis

I can control most things, but I don’t seem to be able to control death. โ€” Al Davis

AL DAVIS Quotes Take Away

Davisโ€™s words are as true today as they were when he first uttered them. They continue to inspire people around the world and we hope that you too are inspired by these words of wisdom from one of the greatest coaches in football history. As always, thank you for reading and be sure to check our courses page for upcoming webinars and workshops on how to improve your business skills.

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