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      Adolf Hitler is one of the most controversial and polarizing figures in history. He was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary (present day Germany), to a middle class family. His father was an Austrian customs official who had been promoted to inspector after Adolf’s birth and his mother was from Czech peasant stock. The young Hitler initially seemed destined for greatness, but as he entered adolescence he became increasingly withdrawn and sullen.

      Here are phrases from Adolf Hitler.


      About Adolf Hitler

      20 April 1889

      30 April 1945

      Cause Of Death:
      Suicide By Gunshot


      Political Party:
      Nazi Party

      Other Political Affiliations:
      German Workers’ Party

      German Empire Weimar Republic


      16Th Bavarian Reserve Regiment

      Western Front First Battle Of Ypres Battle Of The Somme , Battle Of Arras, Battle Of Passchendaele And More.

      Iron Cross First Class, Iron Cross Second Class, Wound Badge

      Adolf Hitler quotes on life

      The moment in Paris where I saluted Napoleon’s tomb was one of the proudest of my life. — Adolf Hitler

      Life never forgives weaknesses. — Adolf Hitler

      War is life war is the origin of all things. — Adolf Hitler

      By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise. — Adolf Hitler

      the moment in paris where i saluted napoleon s tomb was one of the proudest of my life Adolf Hitler quote

      Genius is a will–o’–the–wisp if it lacks a solid foundation of perseverence and fanatical tenacity. This is the most important thing in all of human life. — Adolf Hitler

      I can not be mistaken–what I say and do is historical.I follow my life with the precision and security of a sleep walker — Adolf Hitler

      It may be that today gold has become the exclusive ruler of life, but the time will come when man will again bow down before a higher god. — Adolf Hitler

      Our ideology is intolerant…and peremptorily demands…the complete transformation of public life to its ideas. — Adolf Hitler

      Life is like a game, there could be many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you. — Adolf Hitler

      life never forgives weaknesses Adolf Hitler quote

      Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise. — Adolf Hitler

      Struggle is the father of all things. It is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle. — Adolf Hitler

      Nothing falls into a man’s lap from heaven. It is from labour that life grows. — Adolf Hitler

      He who would live must fight. He who doesn’t wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist. — Adolf Hitler

      In the life of nations, what in the last resort decides questions is a kind of Judgment Court of God… Always before god and the world the stronger has the right to carry through what he wills. — Adolf Hitler

      Adolf Hitler quotes on history

      Neutrals and lukewarms do not make history. — Adolf Hitler

      It is not the neutrals or the lukewarm who make history. — Adolf Hitler

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      Your birth may be common, But death must be history. — Adolf Hitler

      Why was Adolf Hitler significant?

      Hitler was of great historical importance—a term that does not imply a positive judgment—because his actions changed the course of the world.
      He was responsible for starting World War II, which resulted in the deaths of more than 50 million people.

      It also led to the extension of the Soviet Union’s power in eastern, central, and Balkan Europe, enabled a communist movement to eventually achieve control in China, and marked the decisive shift of power away from western Europe and toward the United States and the Soviet Union.

      In addition, Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust, the state-sponsored killing of six million Jews and millions of others.


      Gentlemen, you are about to witness the most famous victory in history. — Adolf Hitler

      A man who has no sense of history is like a man who has no ears or no eyes. — Adolf Hitler

      neutrals and lukewarms do not make history Adolf Hitler quote

      We need not fear the judgement of history. Who, after all, speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians? — Adolf Hitler

      When I compare myself and my opponents in other countries in the light of history, I do not fear the verdict on our respective mentalities. — Adolf Hitler

      Adolf Hitler quotes on german

      The assertion that it is the intention of the German Reich to coerce the Austrian State is absurd! — Adolf Hitler

      But in the great hour Heaven sent the German people a great man, Herr von Cuno. — Adolf Hitler

      I will reflect a thousand times over before I allow the German Volk to become entangled in agreements whose consequences are not readily evident. — Adolf Hitler

      but in the great hour heaven sent the german people a great man herr von cuno Adolf Hitler quote

      They [German princes] made a pact with the devil and landed in hell. — Adolf Hitler

      The President of the United States has a much wider power than the German Kaiser had, for he depended on parliament. — Adolf Hitler

      The German countryside must be preserved under all circumstances, for it is and has forever been the source of strength and greatness of our people. — Adolf Hitler

      The fantastic political and economic burdens imposed by that treaty have entirely disillusioned the German people and annihilated its belief in justice. — Adolf Hitler

      German are rulers, not to be rule. — Adolf Hitler

      they german princes made a pact with the devil and landed in hell Adolf Hitler quote

      All upright Germans will be National Socialists, but only the best National Socialists will be party members! — Adolf Hitler

      The hard struggle which the Pan–Germans fought with the Catholic Church can be accounted for only by their insufficient understanding of the spiritual nature of the people. — Adolf Hitler

      I shall not rest until every German sees that it is a shameful thing to be a lawyer. — Adolf Hitler

      The German people have no idea of the extent to which they have to be gulled in order to be led. — Adolf Hitler

      The German people in its whole character is not warlike, but rather soldierly, that is, while they do not want war, they are not frightened by the thoughts of it. — Adolf Hitler

      German equality of rights is the prerequisite for any participation on Germany’s part in international conventions and agreements. — Adolf Hitler

      It is eastwards, only and always eastwards, that the veins of our race must expand. It is the direction which Nature herself has decreed for the expansion of the German peoples. — Adolf Hitler

      German economic salvation has been brought about solely through the efforts of the German people and the experience they have gained. Countries abroad have contributed nothing to this. — Adolf Hitler

      Lord God, let us never hesitate or play the coward, let us never forget the duty which we have taken upon us…. We are all proud that through God’s powerful aid we have become once more true Germans. — Adolf Hitler

      In nearly all the matters in which the Pan–German movement was wanting, the attitude of the Christian Social Party was correct and well–planned. — Adolf Hitler

      Adolf Hitler quotes on nation

      To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens. — Adolf Hitler

      As long as the League of Nations constitutes only a treaty of guarantee for the victorious nations, it is by no means worthy of its name. — Adolf Hitler

      The State dominates the Nation because it alone represents it. — Adolf Hitler

      For there is hardly a state or nation in existence which has not once had the misfortune, even if it was in the right a thousand times over, to be defeated by a stronger opponent or a stronger coalition. — Adolf Hitler

      Since we are not in the League of Nations in any case, we do not devote our attention to reflecting on its internal reforms. — Adolf Hitler

      to conquer a nation first disarm its citizens Adolf Hitler quote

      The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others. — Adolf Hitler

      The German people are not a warlike nation. It is a soldierly one, which means it does not want a war, but does not fear it. It loves peace but also loves its honor and freedom — Adolf Hitler

      Consequently, the tone, particularly that of the Viennese anti–Semitic press, seemed to me unworthy of the cultural tradition of a great nation. — Adolf Hitler

      The sin against blood and race is the hereditary sin in this world and it brings disaster on every nation that commits it. — Adolf Hitler

      The [National Socialist] Party…is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health only from within on the basis of the principle: The common interest before self–interest. — Adolf Hitler

      Sporting chivalrous contest helps knit the bonds of peace between nations. Therefore may the Olympic flame never expire. — Adolf Hitler

      After 15 years of work I have achieved, as a common German soldier and merely with my fanatical willpower, the unity of the German nation, and have freed it from the death sentence of Versailles. — Adolf Hitler

      How did Adolf Hitler rise to power?

      Hitler’s rise to power traces to 1919, when he joined the German Workers’ Party that became the Nazi Party.

      With his oratorical skills and use of propaganda, he soon became its leader.

      Hitler gained popularity nationwide by exploiting unrest during the Great Depression, and in 1932 he placed second in the presidential race.

      Hitler’s various maneuvers resulted in the winner, Paul von Hindenburg, appointing him chancellor in January 1933.

      The following month the Reichstag fire occurred, and it provided an excuse for a decree overriding all guarantees of freedom.

      Then on March 23 the Enabling Act was passed, giving full powers to Hitler.

      When Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934, the chancellorship and the presidency were merged, and Hitler secured his position as Führer .


      The parliamentary principle of decision by majorities only appears during quite short periods of history, and those are always periods of decadence in nations and States. — Adolf Hitler

      Our task is to harness the God–given energy of this German nation to stand firm for the Truth. — Adolf Hitler

      The world has no reason for fighting in our defense, and as a matter of principle God does not make cowardly nations free. — Adolf Hitler

      Great nations do not succumb through lost wars, but rather through racial decay and the destruction of their internal order. — Adolf Hitler

      Redundant Thematics

      In Adolf Hitler Statements


      An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland. — Adolf Hitler

      The seed has been sown that will grow one day . . . to the glorious rebirth of the National Socialist movement of a truly united nation. — Adolf Hitler

      The national government…will maintain and defend the foundations on which the power of our nation rests. It will offer strong protection to Christianity as the very basis of our collective morality. — Adolf Hitler

      Adolf Hitler quotes on believe

      I know it is unpopular. I know the timing is unpopular. I know the whole thing is unpopular. But I believe it is the right thing. — Adolf Hitler

      a man does not die for something which he himself does not believe in Adolf Hitler quote

      I believe in Providence and I believe Providence to be just. Therefore I believe that Providence always rewards the strong, the industrious, and the upright. — Adolf Hitler

      A man does not die for something which he himself does not believe in. — Adolf Hitler

      If the lie is large enough, everyone will believe it. — Adolf Hitler

      People are more likely to believe a big lie than a small one. — Adolf Hitler

      Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it. — Adolf Hitler

      if the lie is large enough everyone will believe it Adolf Hitler quote

      I believe that the madness of Communism would be the sole victor. — Adolf Hitler

      I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. — Adolf Hitler

      By means of shrewd lies, unremittingly repeated, it is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell–and hell heaven. The greater the lie, the more readily it will be believed. — Adolf Hitler

      The greater the crime perpetrated by the leadership, the less likely it is that the people will ever believe their leaders to be capable of perpetrating such an event. — Adolf Hitler

      Why did Adolf Hitler start World War II?

      Hitler had an overriding ambition for territorial expansion, which was largely driven by his desire to reunify the German peoples and his pursuit of Lebensraum, “living space” that would enable Germans to become economically self-sufficient and militarily secure.

      Such goals were greeted with support by many within Germany who resented the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which had ended World War I.

      Through various means he was able to annex Austria and Czechoslovakia with little resistance in 1938–39.

      Then on September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, which had been guaranteed French and British military support should such an event occur.


      Besides that, I believe one thing: there is a Lord God! And this Lord God creates the peoples. — Adolf Hitler

      people are more likely to believe a big lie than a small one Adolf Hitler quote

      I believe that Providence would never have allowed us to see the victory of the Movement if it had the intention after all to destroy us at the end. — Adolf Hitler

      Adolf Hitler quotes on work

      Every year a thousand kilometers of motor–roads will be opened until the greatest work in the history of mankind is completed. — Adolf Hitler

      The work that Christ started but could not finish, I–Adolf Hitler–will conclude. — Adolf Hitler

      Then we’ll work a hundred years without physics and chemistry. — Adolf Hitler

      All work which is necessary ennobles him who performs it. Only one thing is shameful–to contribute nothing to the community. — Adolf Hitler

      the work that christ started but could not finish i Adolf Hitler will conclude Adolf Hitler quote

      The internal and international criminal gang will either be forced to work or simply exterminated. — Adolf Hitler

      Social honour recognises no distinction between the employer and the unemployed. All of them work for a common purpose and are entitled to equal honour and respect. — Adolf Hitler

      The purpose of social work should not be to distribute favours, but to restore rights. — Adolf Hitler

      A highly intelligent man should take a primitive woman. Imagine if on top of everything else, I had a woman who interfered with my work. — Adolf Hitler

      Only so you can appeal to your God and pray Him to support and bless your courage, your work, your perseverance, your strength, your resolution, and with all these your claim on life. — Adolf Hitler

      then we ll work a hundred years without physics and chemistry Adolf Hitler quote

      Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. — Adolf Hitler

      God grant that this is the work of the Communists. You are witnessing the beginning of a great new epoch in German history. This fire is the beginning. — Adolf Hitler

      Unscrupulous agitators have been at work spreading atrocity stories which can only be compared with those lies that were fabricated by the same instigators at the beginning of the Great War. — Adolf Hitler

      I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Almighty Creator. By fighting the Jews, I am doing the Lord’s work. — Adolf Hitler

      The National Socialist Movement has wrought this miracle. If Almighty God granted success to this work, then the Party was His instrument. — Adolf Hitler

      My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior… I am fighting for the work of the Lord. — Adolf Hitler

      Who were Adolf Hitler’s most important officers?

      A key figure of Hitler’s inner circle was Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda and a fervent follower whom Hitler selected to succeed him as chancellor.

      However, Goebbels only held the post for one day before committing suicide.

      Also notable were Hermann Göring, who was a leader of the Nazi Party and one of the primary architects of the Nazi police state in Germany; Heinrich Himmler, who was second in power to Hitler; Joachim von Ribbentrop, foreign minister and chief negotiator of various treaties; Martin Bormann, who was one of Hitler’s closest lieutenants; and Walther Funk, an economist who served as president of the Reichsbank.


      Adolf Hitler quotes on mass

      Every new invention has been a protest of genius against the masses. — Adolf Hitler

      If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things. — Adolf Hitler

      To whom should propaganda be addressed? To the scientifically trained intelligentsia or the less educated masses? It must be addressed always and exclusively to the masses. — Adolf Hitler

      The great masses of The people… will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. — Adolf Hitler

      every new invention has been a protest of genius against the masses Adolf Hitler quote

      Cruelty impresses, people want to be afraid of something. They want someone to whom they can submit with a shudder, the masses need that. They need something to dreed. — Adolf Hitler

      One should guard against believing the great masses to be more stupid than they actually are. — Adolf Hitler

      The German has not the slightest notion how a people must be misled if the adherence of the masses is sought. — Adolf Hitler

      The more modest its intellectual ballast, the more exclusively it takes into consideration the emotions of the masses, the more effective [propaganda] will be. — Adolf Hitler

      Die breite Masse einesVolkes?einer groÞen Lu« ge leichter zum Opfer f a« llt als einer kleinen. The broad mass of a nation?will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. — Adolf Hitler

      The [Nazi party] should not become a constable of public opinion, but must dominate it. It must not become a servant of the masses, but their master! — Adolf Hitler

      The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force. — Adolf Hitler

      A car for the people, an affordable Volkswagen, would bring great joy to the masses and the problems of building such a car must be faced with courage. — Adolf Hitler

      A definite factor in getting a lie believed is the size of the lie. The broad mass of the people, in the simplicity of their hearts, more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. — Adolf Hitler

      It [Christian Social Party] recognized the value of large–scale propaganda and was a virtuoso in influencing the psychological instincts of the broad masses of its adherents. — Adolf Hitler

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