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You’d have to go back to watergate to find something truly analogous, and we need to find away to bring back that bipartisan ethic and commitment to this investigation. — Adam Schiff

I thInk there’s a hope that If they can Impeach chrIstopher steele, and they can Impeach the fbI and doj, maybe they can Impeach the whole russIa InvestIgatIon. — Adam Schiff

And that’s where we begin the investigation. — Adam Schiff

The republicans haven’t stopped The investigation, it’s just The russia piece They don’t want to do anymore. — Adam Schiff

and that s where we begin the investigation Adam Schiff quote

They won’t even agree to pay for any investigation that is not of the investigators themselves, that’s the only thing They’re willing to investigate. — Adam Schiff

If they say they are going to conduct this investigation by the book, i believe that’s what’s going to happen. — Adam Schiff

But nonetheless, he fired the top cop on that investigation, and i think no one believes this was about hillary clinton’s emails, i think it was all about the russia case. — Adam Schiff

Democrats feel that if we’re not engaged in this investigation, no one will be, there are some, i’m sure in this building, who would like nothing more than this investigation to go away. — Adam Schiff


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We continue to get new information that, i think, paints a more complete picture of at least what We know at the outset of our investigation. — Adam Schiff

We still really want this investigation to be non–partisan, and what the chairman did this Week makes that very hard. — Adam Schiff

It appears republicans want to conduct just enough interviews to give the impression of a serious investigation. — Adam Schiff

I thInk we all feel It was a very productIve IntervIew today where he was able to shed lIght on a lot of Issues that are very Important to our InvestIgatIon. we were able to drIll down In great detaIl. — Adam Schiff

Our failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq thus far has been deeply troubling, and our intelligence–gathering process needs thorough and unbiased investigation. — Adam Schiff

And of course, one of the most important parts of an investigation is putting the pieces together. — Adam Schiff

All of that bares the issue of collusion, and of course, one of the most important parts of an investigation is putting the pieces together. — Adam Schiff


The evidence of The president’s misconduct is overwhelming and uncontested. — Adam Schiff

There was a bias, but the evidence was so overwhelming, the application was granted anyway. — Adam Schiff

Even as we compile this report, Even as we submit evidence to the judiciary committee, we’re going to continue our investigation. — Adam Schiff

There is direct evidence, i think, of deception and that’s where we begin the investigation. — Adam Schiff

the evidence of the president s misconduct is overwhelming and uncontested Adam Schiff quote

At the outset of the investigAtion, there was circumstantial evidence of collusion. there was direct evidence, i think, of deception, and thAt’s where we begin the investigAtion. — Adam Schiff

We’re going to be able to ask the director of the fbi … is there any truth of this? have they seen any evidence of this? and i think on march 20, if not before, we’ll be able to put this to rest. — Adam Schiff

The problem is that we are struggling, even in The midst of this solid evidence, to persuade our allies to join us in any kind of a response and it shows just how isolated The united states has become. — Adam Schiff

The failure to produce this witness, The failure to produce These documents we consider yet additional strong evidence of obstruction of The constitutional functions of congress. — Adam Schiff

We dont need the whistlebloWer, who wasnt on the call, to tell us what took place during the call. We have the best evidence of that. — Adam Schiff

there was a bias but the evidence was so overwhelming the application was granted anyway Adam Schiff quote

We are very eager to have him come and testify. — Adam Schiff

I don’t thInk, frankly, that we could have made as effectIve a case for john bolton’s testImony as the presIdent’s own lawyers. — Adam Schiff


And when they have done their job, America must look after and honor its veterans. — Adam Schiff

An America that inspires hope in its ideals must complement an America that inspires awe in its strength. — Adam Schiff

I note that you have shed blood for amerIca, and we owe you an Immense debt of gratItude. — Adam Schiff

and when they have done their job america must look after and honor its veterans Adam Schiff quote

The legacy of the Armenian Genocide is woven into the fabric of America. — Adam Schiff

This is not putting america first, but continuing to propagate his own personal fiction at the country’s expense. — Adam Schiff

Each year on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth, America has the opportunity to reflect on our nation’s progress towards the realization of his dream. — Adam Schiff

I Implore you, gIve amerIca a faIr trIal. she’s worth It. — Adam Schiff

And in this community, as in all others, the Golden Rule still applies–we must be act toward other nations as we would have them act towards America. — Adam Schiff

i note that you have shed blood for america and we owe you an immense debt of gratitude Adam Schiff quote


Enough is Enough, congress really needs to get to the bottom of this. — Adam Schiff

We now can see the veneer has been torn away, just why secretary mike pompeo and donald trump do not want any of these documents provided to congress. — Adam Schiff

Euphemisms, vague terminology or calls for discussions with Turkey to get at the truth are just some of the dodges Congress and the administration have used to avoid Turkish discomfort with its Ottoman past. — Adam Schiff

It will be incumbent upon congress to maintain pressure on the treasury to explain Its reversal of course and why deripaska or his companies are suddenly deserving of this relief. — Adam Schiff

The committee… will not facilitate efforts by president trump and his allies in congress to threaten, intimidate and retaliate against The whistleblower who courageously raised The initial alarm. — Adam Schiff

enough is enough congress really needs to get to the bottom of this Adam Schiff quote

Congress has a duty to expose foreign interference, hold russia to account, ensure that u.s. officials–including the president–are serving the national interest and, if not, are held accountable. — Adam Schiff

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Doing so would send an unmistakable message that president trump will protect those who lie to congress to cover up his own misconduct, and that the attorney general will join him in that effort. — Adam Schiff

For far too long, congress has abdicated its constitutional responsibility to authorize military action abroad, effectively ceding the war–making power to the executive branch. — Adam Schiff


Whenever they see the president use the word ‘fake,’ it ought to set off alarm bells. — Adam Schiff

Republicans would like nothing better because they view their role as defending the president, being the president’s lawyers. — Adam Schiff

whenever they see the president use the word fake it ought to set off alarm bells Adam Schiff quote

Mr. president? north korea still has all its nuclear missiles, and we only got a vague promise of future denuclearization from a regime that can’t be trusted. — Adam Schiff

I can only conclude that he vIews hIs mIssIon as protectIng the presIdent. — Adam Schiff

Concealing the truth is Concealing russians are again intervening to help the president in his reelection. — Adam Schiff

One trip and it’s’ mission accomplished,’ mr. president ? north korea still has all north korea nuclear missiles, and we only got a vague promise of future denuclearization from a regime that can’t be trusted. — Adam Schiff

I don’t thInk that’s at all the desIred motIvatIon here, the desIre Is to get a commItment from the senate that they’re goIng to have a faIr trIal. faIr to the presIdent, yes, but faIr to the amerIcan people. — Adam Schiff

With this latest gambit, however, the majority seeks to selectively and misleadingly characterize classified information in an effort to protect the president at any cost. — Adam Schiff

Now the president in real time is attacking united states, what effect do united states think united states has on other witnesses’ willingness to come forward and expose wrongdoing ? — Adam Schiff

This is not something that should be done off–the–cuff by the president of the united states just looking for a cheap shot at his predecessor. — Adam Schiff

If harry truman couldn’t nationalize the steel industry during wartime, this president doesn’t have the power to declare an emergency and build a multibillion–dollar wall on the border. so, that’s a nonstarter. — Adam Schiff

Many of trump’s campaign personnel, including the president himself, have ties to russia and russian interests. this is, of course, no crime. — Adam Schiff

This is obviously the most serious crime against our country and constitution of any president in history, and the fact that it took place in the last month doesn’t make it less serious. — Adam Schiff

Tellingly, the minority dismisses this as just part of the president’s’ outside the beltway’ thinking, it is more accurately, outside the law and constitution, and a violation of the president oath of office. — Adam Schiff

President trump’s decision to walk away from the summit with north korea without an agreement was preferable to making a bad deal. — Adam Schiff


I can’t overlook If the chaIrman of our commIttee Is goIng to freelance In thIs way. — Adam Schiff

The president has asked our committee to investigate this, mr. president, we accept. — Adam Schiff

i can t overlook if the chairman of our committee is going to freelance in this way Adam Schiff quote

The complaint… certainly provides information for The committee to follow up. — Adam Schiff

We don’t know what We’re looking for, We can’t put an end date on it because We don’t know what this committee is supposed to look for. apart from damaging hillary clinton, it has no reason for existence. — Adam Schiff

We are deeply concerned about secretary pompeo’s effort now to potentially interfere with witnesses whose testimony is needed before our committee, many of whom are mentioned in the whistlebloWer complaint. — Adam Schiff

They don’t trust her because what They found out about the server and everything else, would you ever have found that out had you not gathered the information from benghazi select committee? — Adam Schiff


The prompt assimilation of that intelligence will be essential if we are to avoid another September 11th. — Adam Schiff

Today’s decision underscores the need for congress to make this reporting mandatory, something i intend to pursue through the intelligence authorization act this year. — Adam Schiff

I hope that the dIrector of natIonal IntellIgence wIll reconsIder because It’s my understandIng that by law he can provIde thIs to us and by law he’s requIred to provIde thIs to us. — Adam Schiff

We do think the ic( intelligence community) and the administration should brief the american people with much greater specificity, but no We don’t intend to release the documents. — Adam Schiff

But it is equally incontrovertible that if our intelligence gathering process is seriously flawed, we had better find out and find out fast if we are to avoid another Sept. 11. — Adam Schiff

Addressing the use of social media by terrorists will require a sustained and cooperative effort between the technology sector, the intelligence community, and law enforcement. — Adam Schiff

Nothing we heard today has changed our view that there is no evidence to support any allegation that the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign. — Adam Schiff

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