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The Digital Detox is out!
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Full Program

The Digital Detox program

Kills Your Bad Habits

This 7-Days program purges your digital life & gets rid of digital toxicity.

$47 $7

The Digital purge program

Kills Your Addictions

The digital detox followed by the digital purge. This 28-days program purges, heals and ensures you won’t relapse.

$197 $37

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All Programs Include

▶️ Step by step HD & responsive engaging videos
Empowering Companion Workbook (PDF)
Full Lifetime Access To Program & Updates
Certificate of Completion
✔️ Money-Back Guarantee & Support

Participants Results

went from +250 to 15 daily notifications doing sport again stop checking tiktok all day long nofap for 43 days deleted my onlyfan account Saved $3000 from online gambling Divided by 8 my screen time discovered a trauma quited instagram spend only 1 hour/day on my phone canceled my netflix subscription Accept it’s not about me

Priceless Participant Feelings

more motivated proud of myself more clarity in everything i do more energy less negativity less impulsivity less wasted time less fomo less anxiety