4 Practical Steps To Peaceful Productivity


The problem

A chaotic life is easy to fall into. Temptations are everywhere and willpower limited. Your dreams are at stakes.


Building a clear road map to peaceful and sustainable productivity.


Life is short but when properly lived, prevent you from regrets while giving you all you need to accomplish yourself toward fulfillment.

Practical roadmap to inner peace

1. Cleaning environment

In the previous days, we saw how to clean your environment out of bad triggers. We also saw how to leverage resistance to save you willpower and drive you toward healthy behaviors. Finally, we saw how to filter negative energies and enhance positive ones.

Unfortunately, removing the strongest temptations can be really painful and sometimes too hard. Therefore, we have to use more powerful tools to counter attack. It is especially the case when some bad habits are close to addictions, or deeply rooted in your environement.

Here are a few tools we can use for those most resilient bad habits:

– Blockers & Limiters: Programs that resist for you by filtering temptations
– Habits Rewiring: Rewiring your brain connections to make good habits easier

2. Building mind strength and discipline

Spotting your vulnerabilities

We are all prone to some temptations. The key is to understand why some of them are strongly affecting you. When you understand that, you can more easily act upon. This is because you can concentrate your efforts on the real cause of the problem, rather than on its consequences.
We shall start by maping our bad habits within our days. This awarness will enlight the key moments and aspects we should focus on to become less distracted and more productive.

Understand your Inner child

Because most bad habits are impulsive and emotional, it’s important to understand that your subconcious (or inner child) is running the show, taking most of the bad decisions for you. This mecanism is to protect you from suffering on the short term, but creates terrible pain and regrets on the long term.

To understand and tame your inner child, you can do:
– Life awarness: Paying attention to your sneakiest triggers
– Feeling & mood awarness: how they drive your to your bad habits
– Reward & punishment systems: educate your inner child

Understand willpower

To resist to temptations and move towards good actions, we need willpower.
Willpower is a concept scientist have been exploring more and more recently. They have discovery plenty of actionable knowledge.

Here are some of the most important ones:
– Daily available willpower is limited
– The more you use your willpower in the morning, the less you get for the afternoon
– The more you use your willpower for futile actions, the less you get for meaningful ones
– Some actions can restore your willpower, including sleeping, eating, social interacting..
– The hardest is the task, the more willpower is needed
– Even the smallest actions requires some willpower

3. Configuring a success mindset

During our multi-day challenge we saw how to build a massive results system and how to cultivate resilience. Unfortunatly, no matters the discipline and willpower you can get, some toxic habits are so deeply rooted in our mind and life that we can’t eradicate them.

Why quiting bad habits is so hard

In nature you’ll always have to do an effort to get any reward. Today’s you can access anything, anytime, anywhere, and for almost nothing. But at the scale of human history, this luxury is new and have been appearing super-fast.

Of course, brands and companies understand all of that, so they try to deeply link their product or service to your essential needs. They spend up to billions of dollars in psychology research so you can suspect that they know things about your brain that you don’t.

They will use that knowledge to get the most of your attention, time, and ultimately, money.

How to Rewire your bad habits to live a fully your life

As strong adaptative machine that can face brutal and deep change, we are also able to deconstruct old habits and build new ones. Many people overcame the most powerful and sneaky addictions like heroine or alcohol. Generally speaking, digital addictions are a bit easier to quit, as they produce less violent changes on the brain.

Rewiring your habits takes some time, but with proper awareness, discipline and faith you’ll be able to rewire anything.

4. Quiting default mode and reaching inner peace

Distracted by notifications, wasting hours on Netflix, hypnotized by porn, constantly checking emails, addicted to feeds, craving likes…
Those new temptations trigger daily inside wars and make harder to build a better life. Feeling powerless to resist, we remain with shame and regrets.

Our mission is to help you overcome and cure those temptations so your time and focus go to what matters. That’s why we have created The Modern Cure Revolution, a program specifically designed help you clean your modern bad habits (social media, gaming, porn…). Find it here.


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Test your habit in 4-mins