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    The success setup

    Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.


      Kyrie Irving quotes on game

      One game I’m always on is ‘NBA Jam.’ And ‘Bejeweled,’ games like that, and ‘Temple Run.’ -Kyrie Irving


      When you’re playing against a whole bunch of All-Stars, it’s like a video game. There’s so much talent on the floor at once. -Kyrie Irving

      I’ve worked countless hours in the gym, so I feel like I’m already prepared for the game. So when I’m listening to music pregame, it’s really just about personal enjoyment. -Kyrie Irving

      We stuck to the game plan, we didn’t want a talented guy like james harden to beat us. we wanted their other guys to beat us and we forced him to pass off to other guys and we trusted our weakside rotation. -Kyrie Irving


      Kyrie Irving quotes on people

      I’m probably one of the most competitive people ever. -Kyrie Irving


      Kyrie Irving quotes on home

      I don’t leave home without my Skullcandy Crushers. I don’t leave home without my Bible, without my phone, and without my computer. -Kyrie Irving


      Kyrie Irving quotes on love

      I love the gym; I love basketball. I’m really passionate about it. -Kyrie Irving


      Kyrie Irving quotes on basketball

      My focus is basketball, and that’s it. -Kyrie Irving


      Kyrie Irving quotes on championship

      I felt like we would have definitely won an NBA championship if everyone was healthy. -Kyrie Irving


      My eventual goal is to win a championship. And before I retire, I just want to win a championship. That’s it. -Kyrie Irving

      Everybody in the NBA is good. And then you have the really good ones and the great ones. -Kyrie Irving

      Grease’ is an awesome movie. I wish they’d make a new one, more for our time. The graphics are terrible when you look back on it. -Kyrie Irving


      More from Kyrie irving

      I’m going to give input when I need to. When it needs to be said. -Kyrie Irving

      Draft day is a hectic day, especially for draftees and, more or less, for management. -Kyrie Irving

      Even during my injury, I had fun because I got to be a regular college kid. -Kyrie Irving


      The only thing I command is respect. -Kyrie Irving

      Multiple Bentleys isn’t making anyone ‘financially set.’ -Kyrie Irving

      Hes been in this situation, been there with me, where ive been the young guy, been the 22-year-old kid, wanting everything, wanting everything right now. -Kyrie Irving


      I went to my agent and told them, ‘I want to be on another Disney show.’ -Kyrie Irving

      Directors tell me what to do, and I kind of just put my own twist to it, just to get inside my personality that everybody doesn’t really get to see-my off-the-court interests and the way I act. It’s just me. -Kyrie Irving

      Its just been a long journey, from having those two knee surgeries and watching the team last year and finally getting chance to lace them up for the boston celtics in the nba playoffs its nothing like it. -Kyrie Irving


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