The Best Physic quotes

Have you ever had a moment where you were just completely overwhelmed? You don’t know what to do or where to turn. You feel paralyzed by everything that’s happening. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, and it seems like I’m not alone.
But the other day, I was reading some quotes about physics, and it made me feel a little better. There are so many inspiring and insightful quotes about physics out there, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. If you’re feeling down, take a look at these quotes. They might help put things into perspective for you.

1. I can’t thInk that It would be terrIble of me to say–and It Is occasIonally true–that I need physIcs more than frIends. — Robert Oppenheimer

2. Physics advances by accepting absurdities. Its history is one of unbelievable ideas proving to be true. — Rivka Galchen

3. The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind. — Paracelsus

4. The only way I can’t hit .300 is if there’s something physically wrong with me. — Pete Rose

5. We black people, as a whole, are at war we’ll say with the white power structure. Not physically, but we have definite protests to win the battle. — Muhammad Ali

6. ‘physical attractiveness is no indicator of an individual’s beauty.”from ”The Beauty of Ugh’ — Richelle E. Goodrich, I am not Frazzle!: And other stories for grown–ups

7. I’m a method writer. In order to write about the emotion, I have to experience it. I get physically tired and exhausted, devoting hours and hours and hours to it. — Sherman Alexie

8. As far as wrestling goes, as long as my body is able to withstand the physical beating, I will keep wrestling. — Trish Stratus

9. Everything, both mental and physical, is rigidly bound by the law of causation. — Swami Vivekananda

10. Prayer is the means by which God has established for God’s people to invite the spiritual into the physical, and the invisible realm into the visible realm. — Tony Evans

11. Artists die twice. First creatively. Then physically. The second one is the easiest. — Sylvester Stallone

12. When every physical and mental resources is focused, one’s power to solve a problem multiplies tremendously. — Norman Vincent Peale

13. If heartache was a physical pain I could face, I could faceBut your hurting me from inside of my headAnd I can’t take it, I can’t take itI’m going to lose my mind — The Wanted

14. Before I became a fighter pilot, everyone said that women didn’t have the physical strength. Well, I had just completed the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. — Martha McSally

15. Only those who regard healing as the ultimate goal of their efforts can, therefore, be designated as physicians. — Rudolf Virchow

16. Teams do not go physically flat, they go mentally stale. — Vince Lombardi

17. Well, by accepting that sex is a physical manifestation of God, and that is not a sin–it is a blessing. — Paulo Coelho

18. Health is relative. There is no such thing as an absolute state of health or sickness. Everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional condition is a combination of both. — Theodore Isaac Rubin

19. Any relationship primarily built on physical attractiveness is predestined to be short lived. — Zig Ziglar

20. When I was young, I had to learn the fundamentals of basketball. You can have all the physical ability in the world, but you still have to know the fundamentals. — Michael Jordan

21. Do not allow obligation or immediacy to bind you to physical things or specific actions. — Mary Anne Radmacher

22. But whether the resistance against government tyrants is non–violent or physically violent, the effort to overthrow state oppression qualifies as true patriotism. — Ron Paul

23. I stopped thinking too much about what could happen and relied on my physical and mental strength to play the right shots at the right time. — Novak Djokovic

24. In physics, opinions don’t matter, only demonstrated experiments. The day the fellow succeeds, if ever, he won’t need anybody else’s opinion. — Neil Degrasse Tyson

25. Thought, backed by strong desire, has a tendency to transmute itself into its physical equivalent. — Napoleon Hill

26. I thought of the old proverb: Where there are three physicians, there are two atheists. — Regina O’Melveny, The Book of Madness and Cures

27. Certainly nothing is unnatural that is not physically impossible. — Richard Brinsley Sheridan, The Critic

28. I accept no principles of physics which are not also accepted in mathematics. — Rene Descartes

29. W]ith an unquiet mind, neither exercise, nor diet, nor physick can be of much use. — Samuel Johnson

30. Maybe I’d already guessed that the physics of us didn’t defy any laws of gravity, and with her, there was always an equal and opposite reaction. — Robyn Schneider, The Beginning of Everything

31. I was a sickly child, not very strong physically. I wasn’t really the greatest in school. I didn’t really excel in anything particularly. But I was happy with who I was. — Patti Smith

32. It sold because i finally let It go–emotionally, spirItually and physically. — Suzanne Somers

33. Time spent worrying–about anything–provides no emotional or physical benefit to us — such things only weaken us for the fights we must endure in our lives.

34. Nature can do more than physicians. — Oliver Cromwell

35. Public Opinion… an attempt to organize the ignorance of the community, and to elevate it to the dignity of physical force. — Oscar Wilde

36. Physical reality does not require that we be pleased with its mechanism — we must see the implications of a theory for what they are and not for what we would like them to be.

37. I have always felt one of the things dance should do–its business being so clearly physical–is challenge the culture’s gender stereotypes. — Twyla Tharp

38. Your words and thoughts have physical power. — Will Smith

39. Consistent physical structures can allow unbounded intuitive clarity. — Mary Anne Radmacher

40. Just as there is no such thing as Christian physics or Muslim Algebra, we will see tht there is no such thing as Christian or Muslim morality. — Sam Harris

41. Intimacy transcends the physical. It is a feeling of closeness that isn’t about proximity, but of belonging. It is a beautiful emotional space in which two become one. — Steve Maraboli

42. Our breathing reflects every emotional or physical effort and every disturbance. — Moshe Feldenkrais

43. So, we have choice, and sometimes it seems very hard, but the best way to heal physically or emotionally is to keep positive. — Petra Nemcova

44. We have fear as soon as we are born, we are born into a state of physical helplessness. — Martha Nussbaum

45. I think I can finally say I am at my most confident and comfortable out there, physically. — Trish Stratus

46. Modern science cannot explain why the laws of physics are exactly balanced for animal life to exist. — Robert Lanza

47. We are Physical, Mental and Spiritual beings. If you don’t deal with ALL OF LIFE you’re not going to get all that life has to offer. — Zig Ziglar

48. Certainly nothing is unnatural that is not physically impossible. — Richard Brinsley Sheridan, The Critic

49. The atom cannot disobey the law. Whether it is the mental or the physical atom, it must obey the law. ‘What is the use of [external restraint]? — Swami Vivekananda

50. I go to my physical therapist to keep fighting it and one of them told me if you don’t use it, you lose it, but I know we’re on television so I won’t say what I would often say. — Teri Garr

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best quotes about physics! As you can see, these inspiring words from some of the greatest minds in history can offer us insight and inspiration in our modern lives. Whether you are an aspiring physicist or just curious about the subject, we hope these quotes will help to spark your curiosity and inspire you to explore the world of physics further.


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