The Best Knowledge quotes

There is no substitute for knowledge. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who need to have a wealth of information at their fingertips in order to succeed. That’s why we’ve put together this compilation of knowledge quotes. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, these quotes will help you stay inspired and motivated.

1. I would encourage you: be informed–knowledge is power. — Matt Bevin

2. Having no knowledge is sometimes exactly what is needed to find a solution, so I qualified. — Neil Young

3. But in practical affairs, particularly in politics, men are needed who combine human experience and interest in human relations with a knowledge of science and technology. — Max Born

4. I don’t give a damn for the diploma. What I want is the knowledge. — Soichiro Honda

5. No one sees further into a generalization than his own knowledge of detail extends. — William James

6. Books ARE a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind. — Toni Morrison

7. The mind is a temple of knowledge, the heart is a temple of understanding, and the soul is a temple of wisdom; together they are a temple of enlightenment. — Matshona Dhliwayo

8. Every human being whose mind is not debauched, will be willing to give all that he has to get knowledge. — Samuel Johnson

9. Knowledge that does not generate achievement is a pale and bloodless thing, unworthy of mankind. — Will Durant

10. He who has the knowledge has the responsibility to impart it to the students. — Rabindranath Tagore

11. People perish not because of lack of faith — they perish because of lack of knowledge! Know yourself!

12. The disciple is not hankering for knowledge; he wants to see, not to know. He wants to be. He is no longer interested in having more knowledge; he wants to have more being. — Rajneesh

13. The books you have read and the knowledge and inspiration you have gained can never be taken away from you. — Paula Gruben

14. The very fact that knowledge is itself the basis for civilization points directly to openness as the way to overcome the present crisis. — Niels Bohr

15. Because knowledge does not need an academic greenhouse. It can bloom, anywhere. — Rashmi Bansal, Poor Little Rich Slum

16. Readership was high, and very attentive. It was people’s only source of knowledge about the world. — Ryszard Kapuscinski

17. Man, by reason of his greater intellect, can more reasonably hope to equal birds in knowledge than to equal nature in the perfection of her machinery… — Wilbur Wright

18. What is knowledge but a lucid enunciation of ignorance of yesterday. If there is no darkness to dispel, there can be no light. — R. N. Prasher

19. I read many things. I read to fill in my knowledge of the world. — V. S. Naipaul

20. Plato believed that insanity was essential to our nature and assumed that it held esoteric knowledge about who we are. — Michael Greenberg, Beg, Borrow, Steal: A Writer’s Life

21. The pretensions of final truth are always partlyan effort to obscure a darkly felt consciousness of the limits of human knowledge. — Reinhold Niebuhr

22. God gave you the knowledge and ability for you to advance His Kingdom through your work — Sunday Adelaja

23. I came literally to the table with a wealth of knowledge by simply understanding how food should taste. — Rocco DiSpirito

24. The four points of the compass be logic, knowledge, wisdom and the unknown….To bow before the one is to lose sight of the three. — Roger Zelazny, Lord of Light

25. When we neglect knowledge, we have indirectly rejected light. — Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance

26. Knowledge does not equate to intelligence. It is the application of knowledge that separates the genius from the fool. — Niquenya D. Fulbright

27. Popularity does not happen overnight with a blink of an eye. It takes time, effort and creative knowledge to reach that particular goal in life. — Saaif Alam

28. All schools, all colleges have two great functions to confer, and to conceal valuable knowledge.–notebook, 1908 — mark twain

29. Practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work is much better. Theoretical knowledge is important, but I think practical knowledge works better. — Sushant Singh Rajput

30. People who desire to acquire success need to have knowledge — Sunday Adelaja

31. A person is a scholar as long as he seeks knowledge. Once he thinks he knows, only then he becomes an ignorant. — Prophet Mohammed

32. Truth is my weapon. Knowledge is my armor. Wisdom is my strategist. Love is my warrior. — Matshona Dhliwayo

33. Enthusiastic Admiration is the first Principle of Knowledge and its last. — William Blake

34. The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. — Thomas Berger

35. Knowledge conquered by labor becomes a possession–a property entirely our own. — Samuel Smiles

36. We don’t focus as much in schools on educational knowledge which requires thinking and application, as we do on acquiring facts. — William Glasser

37. The possession of facts is knowledge; the use of them is wisdom. — Thomas Jefferson

38. To make knowledge valuable, you must have the cheerfulness of wisdom. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

39. Practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work is much better. Theoretical knowledge is important, but I think practical knowledge works better. — Sushant Singh Rajput


41. Our desires always increase with our possessions. The knowledge that something remains yet unenjoyed impairs our enjoyment of the good before us. — Samuel Johnson

42. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. — ~ Jimi Hendrix (1942–1970), musician

43. The secret of sound education is to get each pupil to learn for himself, instead of instructing him by driving knowledge into him on a stereotyped system. — Robert Baden

44. The real reason for quest is always self–knowledge. — Thomas C. Foster, How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines

45. Knowledge always desires increase, it is like fire, which must first be kindled by some external agent, but which will afterwards propagate itself. — Samuel Johnson

46. Metaphors: knowledge existing in several states and without contradiction — G. Willow Wilson, Alif the Unseen

47. The people I go after are the false experts, those who do not accept the limits of their knowledge. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

48. Knowledge without understanding is a great loss because it is akin to having given a device without the manual on how to operate or use it. — Norhafsah Hamid, Trying to be Muslim

49. …explaining men still assume I am, in some sort of obscene impregnation metaphor, an empty vessel to be filled with their wisdom and knowledge. — Rebecca Solnit, Men Explain Things to Me

50. War is the worst way of gathering knowledge about a foreign culture. — Stanisław Lem

In conclusion, knowledge is a powerful tool that not only helps us to be more successful, but also gives us the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the world around us. We should never stop learning and strive to acquire more knowledge, as it will help us achieve our goals and make us better individuals. We should never forget the wisdom of these quotes, as they can help us to become better versions of ourselves.


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