The only package you need to get rid of your digital addictions.

The Digital Purge stops distractions & heal cravings.
From TikTok to Onlyfans, regain your time, focus & power!

1. Reveals Your Weaknesses

2. Eliminates

3. Anti-Binge & Anti-yield System

4. Saves Your Willpower for What Matters

What you’ll learn inside

Audit your digital habits

Discover why you are “so weak” and can’t resist temptations.

Protect Your Productivity & Inner Peace

Willpower is for superman. The Purge covers you, even when cravings hit hard.

Let go toxicity

FOMO, low self-esteem, anxiety, greed, and shame… Learn to let go with proven psychological and spiritual tools.


200 Addiction Guides

Understand the science and secrets behind your addiction to video games, adult content, social media, online gambling, online entertainment…

Our Proven Digital Habit Tracker

Kills toxic habits, boosts motivation and faith.

PDF copy

Hypnotherapy meditation

This 10-min hypnotherapy meditation tame your auto-pilot so you regain control & come back to reality.

Journal your progress

The Companion Workbook ensures daily progress so you keep reaching your goal and be proud of yourself.

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Bonus: Digital Minimalism

Want to go further in your digital detox journey? Here is how to become a digital minimalist! Available 2025

PDF copy

Bonus: Clarity for your digital life

1000+ unread emails? 20,000 photos? Are all your folders messy? Let’s declutter in simple steps! Available 2025

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Ready to purge your digital life?

💊 Kills digital bad habits
▶️ Step-by-step HD videos
🌈 Awakening Meditative Experience
📘 Companion Workbook
📘 The Digital Habit Tracker
📘 The Decluttering Guide
📘 The Digital Minimalist Guide
💻 Lifetime Access & Updates
📜 Certificate of Completion
✔️ Money-Back Guarantee


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Also included:

✔️ 14-D Money-Back Guarantee
📜 Certificate of Completion
⚙️Updates & Support
📥 Lifetime Access

What would you achieve?

🧘‍♂️from +250 to 15 daily notifications 🏃🏽Doing sports again
🚮Quited Instagram 💪Nofap for 43 days 🦁 Deleted my OnlyFans account
💲Saved $3000+ from sports betting
🛌Sleeping without my phone
🤯Reveal my emotional triggers👩‍💼Graduated!
🌄 Spend only 1 hour/day on my phone 🤳Stopped checking TikTok all day long🎮Removed Roblox and canceled Netflix ❤️Accepted that it’s not about me 💼 Started my company!🌹Dating women!
📚 Reading 1 book a week
🎹 Learning piano

course results include

❌ Shame ❌ Toxic habits
❌ Procrastination ❌ Impulsiveness
❌ Regret ❌ Time wasted
❌ Tech addict ❌ Negativity
❌ Screen time ❌ FOMO
✅ Positivity & Faith ✅ Pleasure in Effort
✅ Willpower ✅ Focus & Clarity
✅ Productivity ✅ Time & Energy
✅ Healthy dopamine ✅ Meaning
✅ Motivation ✅ Self-Discipline

course results include

❌ Shame
❌ Regret
❌ Impulsivity
❌ Wasted time
❌ Procrastination
❌ Toxic habits
❌ Tech puppet
❌ Screen time
❌ Negativity

Willpower ✅
Productivity ✅
Self-Discipline ✅
Positivity & Faith ✅
Pleasure Of Effort✅
Healthy dopamine✅
Focus & clarity ✅
Time & Energy ✅
Motivation ✅
Meaning ✅

Better than any digital detox

Digital detoxes are painful because you constantly have to resist.
A purge cleanses temptations and releases willpower.

Less pain, more results.

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