The Digital Purge Program

Categories: Lifestyle, productivity
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About Course

Are you wasting too much time on screens? Spending hours on your phone or computer, powerless to resist temptations and remaining in shame & regrets?

This 7 days course was built by psychology, technology, and spirituality experts. A program that transforms your life, day after day, by building a healthier relationship with your screens.

You will:

  • ✅ Start by understanding your digital toxic habits so you can beat them more easily.
  • ✅ You will then purge your devices and your environment of the temptations that constantly make your life painful.
  • ✅ We will reveal you secrets hacks to become lazier. Yes, lazier to engage with your bad habits.
  • ✅ Finally, you will build a simple system to cover your back for the days you have 0 willpower.

Each day is focused on a small step you can’t fail, while ensuring a massive life transformation.
Time to reclaim your control, freedom, and time for what truly matters.


What Will You Learn?

  • ✔️ Stop being constantly distracted and tempted
  • ✔️ Feel less impulsive and even lazier to engage with your bad habits
  • ✔️ Yield less even when your willpower is at 0
  • ✔️ Control, Freedom, Peace of mind and Focus
  • ✔️ Build a better relationship with your devices
  • ✔️ Get more focus, productivity and energy
  • ✔️ Less wasted time, more results.

Course Content

Week 1

  • How To Use This Course?
  • 01:50
  • D1. Your stolen hours
  • D2. Reveal Your Auto-Pilot
  • D3. Assassinate Temptations
  • D4. Resisting is a wrong tactic
  • D5. For The 0 Willpower Days
  • D6. Challenge Day
  • D7. Clarity Day