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The Digital purge program
— Week 1 —

Purge your digital life & remove digital toxicity

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The Digital purge program
— Week 1 —

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What is in week 1?

What is in week1?

Week 1 is all about finding and understanding what vampirize your time, energy, focus and mood.

During this week, we will use different free tracking and time management systems you can easily setup to make major discoveries about your bad habits and the hidden reasons behind the toxicity in your life. From social media to porn addiction, email and buying impulsivity, phone dependency, excessive gaming, gambling, time screen…

After this week you’ll be aware of what is violating your mental space and how to cope it.

▶️ Introduction to week 1
▶️ Day 1: The extra time you can get
▶️ Day 2: Meet your auto-pilot
▶️ Day 3: From temptations to peace of mind
▶️ Day 4: Become lazy to yield
▶️ Day 5: Cover your back
▶️ Day 6: Challenge: The one thing
▶️ Day 7: Clarity day

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why is the community edition cheaper?

Why is the community edition cheaper?

The community edition is for anyone who would like to help us develop a world without digital addiction:
We give you the exact same Week 1 for only $7. In exchange, we kindly ask you to send your testimony (text or video) after completing the week.

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Will I still be able to access week 2,3,4?

Can I still access Week 2,3,4?

For now, you have instant access to Week 1.
When Week 2, 3 and 4 will be out, you’ll be able to buy them (and as an early member, you’ll have an immediate 25% off).

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